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New ways we will be dressing this season

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Spring has sprung and that marks the beginning of a new season, as well as new trends. FashionUnited takes a look at the new trends with which we can tune into the new season and express ourselves in new ways. Read through the trends below and get some well needed inspiration for new ways of dressing.

Think Pink

The color of the season is pink. And not just any type of pink; we’re talking flamingo pink and magenta. Pink can be seen in anything and everything from small pops of color in accessories, to maxi dresses in a bright shade. If you’re feeling particularly expressive, go for the monochrome look in a matching co-ord or suit. We are ready to make a statement, the bolder the better. Spot pink hues from brands like Dries van Noten and Rixo.

Surge of the 70s

This year, retro is making a comeback. The 2021 twist on the 70s includes high waisted pants, funky prints and overstated collars. For a trip down memory lane, pair flared jeans with a knitted polo top in a bold print. Don’t forget to tie your hair with a bandana and finish the look with large sunglasses. For example Gucci has already become known for their 70s-inspired items, but you can also spot them in the new collections of brands like Prada and Fendi.

Urban meets outdoors

Due to increased free time and a blurred line between the office and home, outdoor clothing has seen an exponential rise in popularity. This is maybe due to the fact that we simply have more time for outdoor hobbies. Or perhaps we are simply yearning for the fresh air after being indoors for so long. Nevertheless, more and more brands are releasing collections where the urban lifestyle is mixed with a newfound outdoor one. More and more brands that are not typically associated with the outdoors, are releasing leisure-inspired collections. Keep an eye out for items from Burberry and Versace.

Earth tones

As a contrast to the overstated and bold colors, another trend of this year are earth tones. Consumers are seeking a contrast to the hyper expressive neons, and opt for beiges, whites and browns instead. Brands such as Brunello Cucinelli, Momoni and See by Chloe include earth toned luxury items in their collections. Think beige cashmere sweaters and white linen shirts. Opt for these items for a timeless yes extremely sophisticated look.

Header image: website 24Sevres

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