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Nicole Miller goes for the millennials at New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser


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Known for blending uptown and downtown style, in addition to her bright prints and patterns, Nicole Miller has developed a strong customer base and a known name in American fashion. The Nicole Miller we got at New York Fashion Week this season wasn't the Nicole Miller for the mothers at Bloomingdale's though. This season, the designer went younger and more edgy as she designs for a new, more contemporary customer.

The end result was a collection that was edgier, still true to her brand and aesthetic and a testament to her abilities as a designer to evolve with the changing times and stay relevant.

Nicole Miller creates a more youthful collection for fall/winter 2018

Her opening look was a leather reefer coat, with stretch velour pants and a plaid double-face mini skirt. From the get, Miller let us know she was getting sexier this season, in addition to meeting the demand for stretch that customers want nowadays. Talk about a woman who knows how to appeal to her customer, Nicole Miller is one without question.

The office girl got her due next with a black satin back crepe double breasted pantsuit paired with a grey boy T-shirt. The woman of the workforce today is a bit more relaxed and can do things like wear T-shirts to work, but she also knows how to elevate with a good pantsuit.

Don't think Miller forgot to offer something for her traditional customer though. She still used the patterns and prints that she has always been known, which came to life through pieces like a plaid reverse silk charmeuse biker dress, a paid handkerchief shirt dress, and a silver beaded silk dress.

Although she's trying to go for the younger women now, she still knows how to give her older, classic women that colorful, yet refined aesthetic. The collection was cohesive, new and a brand new Nicole Miller who should be welcomed with open arms.

photos: courtesy of BPCM

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