Off White x Ikea collection to launch 2019

Last month Virgil Abloh, founder of eponymous streetwear label Off-White, launched the first images of this collection with Ikea on YouTube.

The video channel livestreamed the event from New York and delivered a sneak peak from the Swedish furniture giant's collaboration with Abloh, which includes furniture and household goods, "designed for millennials."

Notable items from the collaboration include two floor rugs boldly emblazoned with “BLUE” and “KEEP OFF”, images of which were previously released on Instagram. Abloh also followed in the footsteps of Balenciaga and reinterpreted the infamous blue Frakta bag as a yellow version stamped with the graphic SCULPTURE.

"All of these pieces are meant to challenge the way we originally use them as they become art objects. I’m trying to embed an artistic quality in things that you already have,” Abloh stated. “So the chair is elevated because it feels more like an art object than a typical chair that serves its function with four equal legs.”

Ikea is set to release further details of the collaboration which is due to be released in stores in 2019 during Sweden's Democratic Design Days, 7-8 June.

In a video on its website the retailer said: "We all know that good ideas can come from anywhere. And that working together is the best way to solve everyday needs and frustrations. Truths hard to argue with. That is why Ikea will soon invite family members to co-create upcoming products. At the same time you will get a sneak peek behind the scenes."

Photo credit: Ikea x Off White





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