Olivia Kim unveils first brand campaign for Nordstrom in 15 years

Six months ago, Nordstrom expanded Olivia Kim's role as vice president of creative projects. This week, the fruits of Kim's labor were revealed with the unveiling of Nordstrom's first campaign in 15 years. The campaign in question represents Nordstrom as a whole, rather than advertisements for individual brands that you would see flipping through the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue.

The campaign consists of both print and digital components, as well as a national television commercial. Kim says that video has actually been very successful for Nordstrom's marketing plan. There is no surprise there with the increase in multi-platform consumption in marketing by consumers.

For the campaign, Kim collaborated with branding studio Partners & Spade, London-based filmmakers Tell No One, and production company Good Egg. In the spirit of spring, there are plenty of florals and bright colors. This is the first television commercial Kim has ever shot, and it resulted in a 30-second clip titled "See Anew." Some of the designers featured in the commercial include Stella McCartney, Marni, and Roksanda.

Music in the video came courtesy of Matthew Dear of the independent label Ghostly.

Kim's goal for the campaign is to have Nordstrom viewed as an accessible fashion authority. While sales figures are always important, she is more focused on trying to push discussion around Nordstrom and creating a positive attitude towards the company.

Nordstrom launches first brand campaign in 15 years

"We're a company that's all about test and learn. And this is a good example of us trying something new," said Kim to fashionista.com. "It's meant to feel fun and uplifting and I hope it resonates that."

Brian Dennehy, Nordstrom's chief marketing officer, is hoping that the campaign will be able to court younger customers.

The television ads will appear in Boston, Miami, Chicago, and Portland, while the print ads will appear in March and April issues of several major fashion publications including Vogue, Essence, and Marie Claire just to name a few.

Department stores have had a difficult time courting millennial customers. Many young people prefer fast-fashion brands like H&M or shopping online versus the large upscale settings of department stores. Still, companies have to do their best to try and start to bring in that demographic of customers, because they are the shoppers of the future.

Nordstrom Rack has proved to be popular among customers in the under 30 demographic, actually causing the number of outlet chain stores to surpass Nordstrom stores. Nordstrom's idea behind this was that eventually those younger customers who shop at Nordstrom Rack will transition into being Nordstrom customers when they became older and more financially stable.

Whether or not this strategy will be affective is a wait-and-see situation.




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