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On launches first women’s exclusive sneaker

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of On

Swiss high-performance sportswear brand On has launched the Cloudnova Wrap, its first women’s exclusive shoe, as it looks to diversify its range.

The Cloudnova Wrap is designed for all-day comfort and has been designed with women in mind, constructed from a dedicated women’s foot-shaped mould to get the right size and shape. This shoe follows the natural form of the female foot for optimum support for “a fit like no other,” adds On

Ruth Heenan, senior product manager at On, said in a statement: “We wanted to diversify our range and design something that caters specifically to our female consumer. We know that sneakers are an important staple in every wardrobe, so we wanted to offer a shoe with a unique construction and an easy on-off closure system to suit a busy, modern lifestyle.”

Designed to embrace style, empowerment, fitness and leisure all in one, the Cloudnova Wrap features all the elements On is known for, including the CloudTec cushioning, padded heel and the brand’s bespoke Speedboard technology in the sole. The sportswear brand has also added elements such as a unique ribbon-lacing system and a layered, translucent upper to appeal to women.

Heenan, added: “We looked at a range of different references – from high fashion to dance footwear – to inspire and inform our ribbon lacing. That’s what led to the innovative wrapped closure system which, in conjunction with the heel padding, hugs the foot for comfortable all-day wear.”

The On Cloudnova Wrap is available in three colourways, mint, lavender and green and retails for 150 pounds.

Image: courtesy of On
Image: courtesy of On
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