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OSKA spring/summer 2022 collection: “The language of the earth”

By Sponsor

Jul 19, 2021


The design process for OSKA Spring/Summer 2022 collection, was guided by an inspiring woman: Aïcha Tabbiz. She lives with her family in a small house in Morocco‘s Rif mountains. Mama Aïcha, over 80 years old, has been a potter since her childhood, like her mother. Founding a cooperative with the women of the village, she teaches courses in the millennia-old ceramic tradition of this region to enthusiasts from around the world. In this way, they ensure the survival of this unique craft and build a sustainable future for their families. However, these workshops go far beyond learning the art of pottery. Mama Aïcha welcomes the participants into her home; here, they live, laugh and work together. A lively exchange of cultures takes place.

The culture of Morocco and Mama Aïcha is clearly visible in this OSKA collection: striking silhouettes inspired by the traditional caftan, generous cuts and controlled volumes. We reflect on the everyday demands we place on our clothes. Softly feminine, minimalist pure and sporty all at once - the looks of the new season underline the character of the woman, evolve and change with her. Newly interpreted trouser suits play with length and function. Dresses are the key pieces of the season and can be combined in various ways, either worn alone or in combination with trousers. The sophisticated design infuses essential basics like blouses and shirts with versatility and functionality. Dynamism and lightness are at the heart of the collection and convey a positive mood. Natural fibres and techno fabrics provide comfort and a luxurious look. High-quality materials developed by OSKA shape the atmosphere: strong linen and cotton fabrics with structural stripes, inspired by Moroccan textiles in contrast to finely woven pinstripes in light cotton. The typical mosaic of a shady courtyard inspires printed linen and embossed leather bags. Mama Aïcha‘s colourful potter‘s outfit, interpreted as bright checks in the finest Irish linen, gives the collections a very personal, lively touch.

The love of colour is OSKA‘s signature. Colours range from soft, almost monochrome shades of sand and grey to bright magenta and radiant white to earthy, rich reds like henna, tangerine and aubergine, nature-inspired shades of green recall cypress and verbena. Intense cobalt blue and fresh citronelle yellow bring clarity and modernity. We feel a new beginning and look for fashion that expresses our energy and feels right in the current mindset. The OSKA Spring/Summer 2022 collection responds to these desires. It reflects newness, innovation and sustainability.

Read more about OSKA on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/oska