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Pandora to launch first lab-created diamond collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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courtesy of Pandora

Danish jewellery brand Pandora is launching its first sustainably lab-created diamond collection, as it looks to make diamond jewellery “accessible to a wider audience”.

Pandora Brilliance is launching exclusively in the UK from May 6 and will mark the jewellery brand’s first lab-created diamonds collection and its first CarbonNeutral certified product.

The move is part of Pandora’s sustainability journey, explains the jewellery brand, who committed last year to be carbon neutral by 2025 and only use 100 percent recycled gold and silver by the same period. Last year the brand also switched to 100 percent renewable energy in its crafting facilities, reducing its carbon emissions by 25,000 tonnes C02e.

Currently, more than 99 percent of all the stones Pandora uses in its jewellery are man-made, which it adds “significantly” reduces its impact on the environment and this lab-created diamond collection marks a new milestone for Pandora as it will no longer be using mined diamonds.

The Pandora Brilliance collection aims to transform the diamond jewellery market by offering affordable, sustainably created products, using lab-created high quality, beautiful diamonds at a more attractive price point, with prices ranging from 250 - 1,290 pounds.

courtesy of Pandora

The collection of rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings, will all featuring a solitary one-of-a-kind lab-created diamond, ranging from 0.15 – one carat, which is round brilliant, excellent cut, without colour or imperfection perceivable to the naked eye.

Pandora is also extending its current offering into fine jewellery, as each diamond is set within 14k solid yellow gold, 14k solid white gold and sterling silver.

Pandora to make diamond jewellery more accessible with lab-created diamonds

Each lab-created diamond in the collection has been designed by Pandora’s creative directors Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo and has been hand-cut and polished by skilled artisans to achieve “an impeccably high quality”.

Identical to mined diamonds, Pandora’s lab-created diamonds have the same properties and characteristics and are held to the same standards – cut, colour, clarity and carat - before being set within the Pandora Brilliance collection.

With lab-created diamonds, Pandora said it hopes to transform the way consumers purchase diamond jewellery by offering a sustainable option at an affordable price point.

courtesy of Pandora

Pandora creative directors, Ficarelli and Terzo, said in a statement: “Working with sustainably lab-created diamonds was truly inspiring and the transformational strength within these stones led us to the designs we have created for Pandora Brilliance.

“Through the reimagined infinity symbol, we hope everyone who wears these pieces looks at the diamonds as a reminder of their achievements and future possibilities, to remind themselves of the infinite strength that lies within and the brilliance that lies ahead.”

Pandora Brilliance to launch in the UK on May 6

Pandora Brilliance will initially launch in the UK, chosen as it represents Pandora’s second-biggest market, before a global launch roll-out to other key markets in 2022.

Over e-mail, Pandora confirmed to FashionUnited that the UK was selected as the brand is “very strong” and it has a “robust store network and e-commerce site” to service customers’ needs via all touchpoints.

The collection is aimed predominantly at millennial women, who want to “purchase a diamond for themselves, as a commitment to their own goals and future,” added the brand.

courtesy of Pandora

Pandora chief executive, Alexander Lacik, added: “Pandora continues its quest to make incredible jewellery available for more people and today I’m proud to announce the introduction of Pandora Brilliance.

“It’s a new collection of beautifully designed jewellery featuring lab-created diamonds. They are as much a symbol of innovation and progress as they are of enduring beauty and stand as a testament to our ongoing and ambitious sustainability agenda. Diamonds are not only forever, but for everyone.”

Pandora signs up Ashley Graham and Rosario Dawson as new ambassadors

With the Pandora Brilliance collection designed to represent a “brighter future with infinite possibilities,” with each piece featuring a diamond sitting high in an infinity motif, Pandora has launched a new campaign featuring actress and activist Rosario Dawson, and supermodel Ashley Graham.

courtesy of Pandora

Both stars have been named ambassadors for the new collection, to promote lab-created diamond jewellery to a wider audience. Pandora explains that both women were chosen due to “their strength and their embodiment of our brand values and campaign message - one of resilience, perseverance and transformation”.

Commenting on being part of the campaign, Dawson said: “Creating a more sustainable future is so important to me and informs every decision and action I take, so I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Pandora Brilliance launch.”

Graham added: “Throughout my 20 plus years in the industry, I’ve seen a movement for progress within the fashion industry. We all have the power to be forces for change in the world and to contribute to a brighter future, for ourselves and the next generation.”

Pandora Brilliance will launch exclusively in the UK and is available to purchase from May 6, with prices starting from 250 pounds.

courtesy of Pandora
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