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Patou partners with Fairly Made, giving greater transparency into its products

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Patou, courtesy Lucien Pagès

Patou has become the first luxury brand to partner with Fairly Made, a green tech startup, to offer transparency on the traceability and environmental impact of its "Les Essentiels" product line.

Since its relaunch in 2018, Patou has been committed to prioritising sustainable practices in the development and production of its products. This commitment has been embodied in "The Patou Way", where every product includes an individual QR code explaining the brand's eco-conscious efforts towards materials, packaging, and production.

By partnering with Fairly Made, Patou is taking its sustainable practices to the next level, with a goal to offer complete transparency on the traceability of its core products. Fairly Made has evaluated a selection of approximately 64 Patou products, with the SaaS platform providing an evaluation and breakdown of Patou's supply chain and environmental impact, rating materials, recyclability, and traceability accordingly.

Patou is among the first luxury brands to offer its customers greater insights into its operations and processes, while at the same time challenging itself to do better. In a statement the company said its future objective is to evaluate all ready-to-wear and leather goods of the Fall-Winter 2023 collection.

Fairly Made is a green tech startup that was created in 2018 to improve the impact of the textile industry. The company provides fashion brands with a SaaS platform to improve their purchasing practices, from both an environmental and social perspective, by analyzing their products and supply chains. The breakdown of average scores for Patou's products evaluated by Fairly Made shows a score of 2.84 out of 5 for traceability and 2.39 out of 5 for recyclability. Room for improvement thus.

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