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Philipp Plein launches fragrance

By Kristopher Fraser


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20 years ago, Philipp Plein began to make a name for himself in the world of fashion. The designer started off with his blinged out, hip-hop inspired clothing, and now he is making his entry into the world of fragrances. Plein had always planned on making fragrances a part of his company, and has he works on expanding his multi-million dollar business, his fragrance launch comes at the perfect time.

"I am someone who dreams and has faith in life," Plein said in a statement. "Years ago, I dreamed of launching a perfume, I just wanted to wait for the right moment and find the right partners. Philipp Plein exists for one reason: we are born for change. It is thanks to this spirit of innovation that this dream becomes reality. My first perfume creation has nothing to do with what already exists. From now on, this industry will never be the same again."

For the brand, which is completely independent and self-financed, launching fragrances marks a decisive step. Philipp Plein Parfums will be a new company based in Geneva dedicated to developing the brand's current and future fragrances. Philipp Plein Parfums is owned by Switzerland-based Brands Beyond Beauty, an international company focused on the development of innovative brands, worldwide distribution and the implementation of innovative marketing in the field of cosmetics and luxury fragrances.

Phillip Plein debuts The $kull fragrance

"What immediately impressed me from my first meeting with Philipp Plein was his steadfast determination, his extremely precise vision and the incredible way he has simplified things," Stella said in a statement. "He knows perfectly the rules of the game, and at the same time he knows how to question them. He understood that success is made of simple but original concepts and this is precisely how Philipp Plein will make a remarkable entry into the world of perfumery, at the top of which he will remain very long."

Philipp Plein opted for the skull, the most iconic and most powerful symbol of the brand, to make a remarkable entry into the world of fragrances and celebrate this unique event in his brand's history. The first fragrance ever created by Philipp Plein will be launched in limited-edition and is dubbed The $kull.

This bottle is a sculptural and imposing artistic object, unprecedented in the world of fragrances: a multi-faceted 3D head, sculpted like a black diamond and carved in a black lacquered glass entirely handmade. This fragrance was co-created by Philipp Plein himself and internationally renowned master perfumer Alberto Morillas.

"The bright and forward-thinking spirit of Philipp impressed me a lot," Morillas said in a statement. "Right away, it became clear to me that his very first fragrance had to capture his powerful energy, charisma and extraordinary creativity. His personality has been extremely inspiring for me. So I created for him a great scent, very rich and addictive, with the scent of dark wood, playing with contrasts culminating in an overdose of precious ingredients, tailor-made chords and high-tech touches. That pushed me to create for him a real olfactory tattoo, indelible and sexy, to develop a Philipp Plein fragrance that goes beyond luxury."

Presented in luxurious concentrated fragrance, The $kull scent was created to evoke a luxurious and sexy tattoo, leaving a powerful and addictive imprint on the skin. Based on spices, leather and wood notes and with its animal power, this fragrance displays a powerful trail of black pepper, cardamom and flamboyant aquatic notes, sublimated by the depth of dark woods and leather, and personalized by the voluptuous scents of bourbon vanilla and the warm notes of black amber.

The price point for the fragrance is 445 dollars. The $kull will first be available in select Philipp Plein stores then will be sold online in Europe and the United States. Beginning in January 2020, it will be available worldwide.

photos: Pr-ticular.com

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