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Pinko x Patrick McDowell debut dance-inspired collection

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Pinko Reimagine x Patrick McDowell dance collection Credits: Pinko

Fashion has often found inspiration in the movements and artistry of dance. The synergy between these realms has given rise to collections and designs that mirror the fluidity, elegance, and dynamism inherent in various dance forms. From ballet's ethereal tutus influencing tulle skirts to the sleek lines of contemporary dance inspiring streamlined silhouettes, designers draw on the visual poetry and kinetic energy of dance to shape their creations.

Italian fashion brand Pinko, in collaboration with British designer Patrick McDowell for its Reimagine Collection, has encapsulated the dream of becoming a ballerina. Together with Pinko's creative director, Caterina Negra, the collection utilises fabrics from Pinko's extensive archives, including cotton tulle adorned with a new bow print.

The Reimagine capsule aims to transcends mere fashion; it signifies a commitment to cultivating an environment where everyone feels acknowledged and can express oneself openly. The collection, featuring pieces such as a bomber jacket, a tailored blazer, wide-leg trousers, and an ethereal tulle skirt, transforms garments into embodiments of "Fearless Beauty," as stated by the brand.

In a collaborative pas de deux, the capsule resonates with the spirit of creativity and self-expression, exemplified by a group of dancers captured wearing the collection. These pieces, versatile enough to grace a stage, accompany rehearsals, or enhance any space synonymous with a love for dance, showcase the profound connection between fashion and the expressive world of dance.

At its core, the Reimagine capsule celebrates the dancer's ethos—a fusion of artistic innovation and the freedom to convey oneself through style.

Pinko Reimagine x Patrick McDowell dance collection Credits: Pinko
Patrick McDowell