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Prada's new capsule drop comes with an NFT and runway ticket

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Prada.com

When Prada launches its latest Timecapsule collection on Thursday it will be both a limited edition physical product as well as an NFT.

For its 32nd drop, Prada Timecapsule presents a shirt made of upcycled fabrics from the Prada archives. By turning iconic printed textiles into a unique design, these materials are given a new life, aligning with the brand’s sustainability strategy and approach to circular thinking.

This drop will offer Timecapsule holders in the ‘Prada Crypted’ Discord community access to unique events and experiences, with an exclusive invitation to the brand’s womenswear runway presentation in Milan in September.

Prada launched its Timecapsule series in December 2019, presenting a new item on the first Thursday of every month, an online exclusive for just 24 hours.

A special logo created by OMA, the architectural studio founded by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, together with a serial number and sophisticated dedicated packaging, makes each drop unique.

Prada Crypted is the NFT area on Prada.com and the brand’s new community server on Discord, a place to exchange ideas and inspire while connecting the universe of fashion with the worlds of art, architecture, cinema, music and Web3 .