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Premium and Modem publish a map of Berlin

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For decades, Modem has been the compass and guide to the world of international fashion. Those who are in are in; those whose names don’t appear are out of luck. With offices in Paris, Milan and New York, Modem identifies the key fashion week actors, showrooms, events and fashion shows in its publications and serves as a means of orientation for visitors.

Up until now, Berlin has taken a back seat and not made it into the circle of the big four. This season, however, things have changed. A Modem Map of the German capital has now been published, in collaboration with Fashion Council Germany. The foldable map depicts all the important shows, designer showrooms, stores and trade shows, as well as the city’s coolest hot spots.
“For Fashion Week in July 2018 PREMIUM are collaborating with the makers of the international Modem fashion network. In conjunction with the “Modem Edition Covers” exhibition for the 20th anniversary, which will be on show in the VIP Buyers Lounge at the show presenting 141 collaborative partners from art, fashion and design, industry legend and Modem founder Ezio Barbaro will also be inviting his network of international buyers to Berlin,” asserts the statement from Premium.

“I am very pleased and proud, too, to welcome my friends from Modem as our partners this season,” says Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner at the Premium Group. Modem founder Ezio Barbaro is also enthusiastic about the new business liaison: “I am proud and very excited that Modem will be present in Berlin this season – not only with the Editions, but also in person, to introduce the Map.”

The Modem Map will be available at Premium.

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