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Puma signs long-term partnership with Selena Gomez

By Vivian Hendriksz

Sep 19, 2017


London - Sportswear label Puma is kicking its celebrity partnerships into high gear by signing on singer, actress, and producer Selena Gomez as its long-term partner. Gomez is set to work together with Puma to create new products and marketing campaign, making her debut for the brand in its upcoming women's footwear campaign Phenom.

“Being part of the Puma family is very exciting for me,” said Selena Gomez in a statement. “Puma has changed the game when it comes to the mash-up of athletic wear and fashion. It’s amazing to see this influence on style and culture and I’m excited to be a part of it. I am hoping that we can create something special together. We already have some really cool projects in the works.”

In her new role at Puma, Gomez is set to work together with Puma to help enhance and develop its women's business. The two are a "great match" as the artist's own values align with the company's own values, according to Puma. The new partnership, which sees Gomez receiving 30 million USD for her role according to media reports, also sees the two supporting causes close to the singer's heart.

“Selena is authentic, creative, talented, and fearlessly real. She is everything that today’s female consumer is looking for in a role model,” added Adam Petrick, Global Director for Brand and Marketing for Puma. "In recent days, she has demonstrated just how strong she truly is. With her honesty and openness about living with Lupus, she has provided an incredible example of confidence, poise, and determination for all of us."

"Selena is a perfect partner for Puma because she is not afraid of the challenges our world can offer; she fights and perseveres, which is exactly what Puma is all about," concludes Petrick. "She will not only represent our brand, but she will help to define and enhance our women’s business." Gomez's collaboration with Puma comes one month after the label launched a collection of sneakers designed together with the artist's boyfriend The Weeknd.

Photo: courtesy of Puma

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