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Purcado Announces launch of personalized price aggregator for shoes

By Kristopher Fraser

May 24, 2017

Purcado, a search engine technology company focused on footwear for men, women and kids, today announced their official launch of Purcado.com, a comparison shopping website that helps users find the best prices during their footwear search. Think of it as a Priceline.com for shoes. Purcado compares more than 50 retail sites in a single search, featuring over 100 brands, and more than 200,000 product listings. In Beta until today, Purcado has on-boarded popular online and brick-and- mortar retailers including high-end boutiques, athletic, specialty and large department stores.

A recent study from eMarketer noted that “apparel and accessories are expected this year to overtake computers and consumer electronics as the largest e-commerce category as a percentage of total online sales.” Purcado aims to take advantage of the comparison shopping market, the decline of brick-and- mortar sales, and the one-click buying trend, with their one-stop e-commerce solution for footwear.

Purcado is the new Priceline for shoes

“There are lots of places to shop online and find deals, just not enough time in the day to search them all. We built Purcado to save our users’ time, money, and energy by helping them find shoes at the best price, from the best retailers, in an easy-to- use search,” said founder and CEO Jeff Caudill.

Purcado's technology helps display a single listing for a product sold in multiple stores, allowing users to make quick price comparisons. Purcado users have seen 70 percent in savings with some products.

According to The Atlantic, “the most significant trend affecting brick-and- mortar stores is the relentless march of Amazon and other online retail companies.” They also noted mall visits declined 50 percent between 2010 and 2013.

As customers move more toward online shopping, Purcado helps make price comparison easier.

Based on user feedback and analytics, the site will continue to be optimized with each visit.

photo: via Nordstrom.com