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Qasimi returns to the catwalk at LFW

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi

London-based fashion brand Qasimi, with a Middle Eastern heritage, returned to the catwalk during London Fashion Week’s June edition, marking the first live showcase under creative director Hoor Al Qasimi, who took the helm in 2020 after the death of her twin brother and brand founder Khalid Al Qasimi.

Staged against the industrial backdrop of Wapping Power Station in East London’s Tower Hamlets neighbourhood, Qasimi teamed up with acclaimed New York-based visual artist Kambui Olujimi for a collection merging art, sculpture, and fashion, “delving into profound themes of identity, history, and sociopolitics”.

The spring/summer 2025 collection interplays the brand’s visual identity and longstanding relationship with the arts with Olujimi’s works, drawing inspiration from the artist’s impactful ‘When Monuments Fall’ series, which explores the recontextualisation of monuments, their societal roles, and the dynamics of power they represent.

Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi - photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

This was showcased through a blend of fluid and structured silhouettes, symbolising the “ever-changing nature of monuments,” with a neutral colour palette interspersed with aqua-hues of blue and graphic prints featuring Grecian-style statues and columns.

The collection integrated elements from older structures into new designs, merging past influences with contemporary aesthetics, offering draped and flowing separates, boxy tailoring, and sporty silhouettes with toggle drawstring detailing in medium-weight silk twill, sheer cotton voile, and a luxurious silk-wool blend.

Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Five minutes with Hoor Al Qasimi, creative director of Qasimi

Ahead of the show, Hoor Al Qasimi, creative director of Qasimi, talked to FashionUnited about the collaboration, her creative process, what to expect from the brand in the future, and the brand's passion for supporting emerging designers.

How are you putting your stamp on the Qasimi brand after your late brother’s passing?

I’m honouring his legacy by maintaining the core values and vision of the Qasimi brand while infusing my unique perspective. I'm focusing on expanding our cultural collaborations, incorporating more diverse artistic influences and emphasising our commitment to social and political themes.

This approach ensures that Qasimi continues to be a platform for meaningful expression and innovation.

Hoor Al Qasimi, creative director of Qasimi Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

What made you want to collaborate with Kambui Olujimi for SS25?

Our work with Olujimi allowed us to delve deep into these themes, aligning perfectly with Qasimi’s ethos of cultural dialogue and storytelling.

Why was it important for you to return to LFW?

Returning to LFW was important because it provides an opportunity to engage with a global audience and showcase our commitment to design. It’s a place where the fusion of art and fashion can shine, reflecting our brand's ethos on an international stage.

How would you describe your design process?

My design process is both intuitive and collaborative. It begins with cultural exploration, drawing inspiration from various art forms and contexts. The goal is to create pieces that are not only visually compelling but also carry a meaningful narrative, reflecting both my vision and the diverse stories that inspire me.

Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Qasimi has been seen recently on the red carpet - is this an important growth area for the brand?

Yes, having celebrities like Kit Connor, Dwayne Wade and Diplo wear Qasimi is significant for our brand's growth. It not only elevates our visibility but also aligns our designs with influential figures across film, sports and music to broaden our appeal.

What’s next for Qasimi?

Qasimi will continue to blur the lines between art and fashion, creating collections that not only reflect contemporary issues but also challenge and inspire. We aim to collaborate with artists across various disciplines, integrating diverse cultural narratives and innovative designs.

Expect more boundary-pushing pieces that embody our commitment to artistic expression and social commentary.

Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Last year, you unveiled the first recipients of 'Qasimi Rising' your fashion incubator - why are you passionate about supporting emerging designers and are you rolling out the scheme this year?

Supporting emerging designers through the Qasimi Rising fashion incubator is a passion of mine because I believe in nurturing fresh talent and diverse perspectives in the fashion industry. By providing resources, mentorship, and a platform for these designers, we can foster innovation and creativity, ensuring that the industry continues to evolve and reflect the richness of different cultures and ideas.

This initiative not only helps young designers grow but also enriches the fashion landscape as a whole. The next phase of Qasimi Rising will be in 2026.

Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans
Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans
Qasimi SS25 Credits: Qasimi photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans
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