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Rebag introduces Rebag Infinity

By Kristopher Fraser

Oct 12, 2018

Rebag, a platform for buying and reselling luxury handbags, has unveiled Rebag Infinity, a new program with the goal of ushering in an era of endless handbags. Rebag Infinity makes it possible for shoppers to refresh their closets as often as they like and choose from a selection of thousands of designer handbags. Purchase a bag, carry it for up to six months, exchange it for Rebag Credit worth at least 70 percent of its original purchase price, and put the credit towards a new bag.

Rebag Infinity is the latest demonstration of the company's commitment to promoting a consumer shift towards luxury goods.

The decision to invest in a designer bag is often a difficult one. With trends coming and going each season, choosing a bag you will love and hold onto forever gets more complicated. Moreover, on-demand services are replacing the traditional act of ownership with access: everything from transportation to music to entertainment is now "on demand," and the same concept applies to Rebag Infinity.

"With Rebag Infinity we are facilitating an infinite cycle, where shoppers can reinvest their Rebag Credit endlessly and always carry the handbag of their dreams," said Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebag, in a statement. "Providing a predetermined resale outcome at the time of the initial purchase will influence consumers' buying decisions. Rebag continues to exist on the cutting edge of the transparent, instantaneous retail process."

Customers can access Rebag Infinity and an endless supply of handbags all year round, via the mobile app or website or at the brand's brick and mortar locations in NYC. At the stores, sellers can also experience the fastest and most transparent resale process that Rebag has become known for, providing payment in less than 60 minutes.

With accessories being one of the most profitable segments of the luxury apparel sector, Rebag is ahead of the curve with their new Infinity program. According to Statisa, accessories are amongst the most important segments in the luxury goods industry, as they held about 30 percent of the global luxury goods market share in 2016. In the U.S., the women’s accessories market has been fairly profitable in the last few years.

photo: via Factory PR