Reformation partners with City of Los Angeles to create protective gear amidst coronavirus

Sustainable fashion brand Reformation has teamed up with the city of Los Angeles—its home base, to create—and its mayor, Eric Garcetti, to create LA Protects. The new initiative was created to organize local manufacturers—outside of those already in the protective gear supply chain—to band together and produce protective masks. In an announcement from the brand, these masks will not be the medical-grade N95 masks.

The fashion brand, along with Mayor Garcetti, will be creating 5 million masks, the number needed to keep the Los Angeles community safe and healthy, as estimated by the Mayor’s office. Reformation has been appointed to recruit and organize local garment and apparel manufacturers to supply materials and support manufacturing protective equipment at scale. The brand is also using its own sewing factory, fabrics from its warehouse, and in-house teams to add to the initiative.

In addition to launching LA Protects—which is funded by the sales of masks to essential businesses—Reformation will be selling protective masks on its website. Those interested can purchase or donate the masks in packs of five for 25 USD. Reformation also offers an option to purchase a pack of 250 masks for 1,000 USD.

Image: Reformation





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