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Renske Mennen from Trend Agency Move: “This season is all about extremes”

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Trend Agency Move: SS22 trendbook. IMAGE ON THE RIGHT: Curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein | Photography Lupi Spuma and Schloss Hollenegg for Design

As SS22 collections are coming out, FashionUnited spoke to trend forecaster Renske Mennen to share her insights and dive deeper into the trends and consumer needs for SS22 with FashionUnited.

Where do you think inspiration has come from for the SS22 season?

The inspiration for this season comes from multiple angles, all touching on the same theme: Space. The pandemic abruptly forced us to reconnect with the spaces we live in, both inside and around our homes. Suddenly, our house was not only a home but also a workplace, the gym, a place for wellness and special occasions. As a result, our life structure has changed and we move through the day differently. There are hopeful developments regarding the corona pandemic, but the sudden change in our lives will have lasting effects.

So the 'spaces' we live in have taken on new functions and meanings. But, in addition to Space as a space, it has other meanings this season. The trend towards inclusiveness has been going on for some time now and you will see that the space that an individual can and may occupy will become even more important. This theme will also be reflected in fashion. We are also living in a climate crisis, which makes it painfully clear that nature needs more space to recover. In design language, this is expressed, for example, by unspoiled nature taking over from man. In my trend book, this trend is called Tangoing Nature: we are going to dance together with nature again. We have to, given the seriousness of the climate crisis.

Credits: Kenzo SS21 via Catwalkpictures and Erez Nevi Pana photographed by Ofer Kantor

Finally, Space is also quite literally a theme within the SS22 season. The first film in space will be shot this year, and Estee Lauder is the first beauty brand to shoot a campaign in space. Moreover, our departure to planet Mars is getting closer and you can see that this theme is starting to influence the fashion season.

What types of materials, colours, patterns, and graphics should be expected to be seen in SS22?

This season is all about extremes. It's about safe, comfortable, cocooning and turning in on yourself, but also dressing up, bright colours and being out there with big shapes. You also see the extremes in patterns and graphics in an outfit. The escape to the digital world and dreaming away in it can be felt in this. On the other hand, you see shapes inspired by nature, such as shadow tones and flowers. Hopeful green in tonal colours is striking this season.

Credits: Vivienne Westwood SS21 and Versace SS21, via Catwalkpictures

How could the long-term impact of Covid-19 affect the SS22 collections?

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle in such a way that it has also changed the way we dress. So on the one hand, there will be comfortable and safe collections. But on the other hand, outfits will also be very creative and expressive for the moments that you can finally go out.

What SS22 trend is worth keeping an eye on the most, in your opinion?

When it comes to design and form, it is especially interesting to see the clashing patterns and the contrasting colours in an outfit. This literally symbolises what is going on in the world at the moment; extremes are facing each other. Yet the creative world is trying to look at it with hope.

Credits: Carolina Herrera via Catwalkpictures and photo by Thomas Meijerman

Digital fashion is currently on the rise; do you think we will see more of this in the SS22 season?

Yes, we will! Slowly but surely, the fashion world is starting to set foot in the digital world. Since the pandemic, it has become clear that a huge number of people have taken refuge in the digital world. This means that there have been huge leaps forward in time, and fashion houses are starting to create more and more digital collections.

How are the consumer's wants and needs changing for SS22?

Fashion companies will have to take a big step towards sustainability this season in both the production side and the conceptual side. The consumer is simply asking for it and as a brand, you can't ignore it anymore. New forms of sustainable materials are being researched and having a sustainable business is becoming a must. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their footprint. More-is-more doesn't work anymore, because the more you buy, the bigger your footprint is, and let that be exactly what consumers no longer want and can do. So we are going to 'tango with nature', enter evenimage image more into 'virtual life', with a dash of 'Space Expedition'. These trends can also be found in my trend book.

Image, from left to right.

Left image: Fashion design/ styling / set design: jennifer milleder; Photography: barbara majcan + martin diemer / irmfried photographers; Model: varia; Hair & make-up: cornelia lohner; Flowers collaboration: mira flores; Assistant florian feik.

Center image: Art Director, art pieces’ designer: Karol Mietkiewicz; Photographer: Daniela Swoboda; Clothes: Vintage Attack; model: Uchi Jonas Bottom.

Right image: Photography & design: Anna Dienemann at Beeefdesign

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