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Represent is wide awake for spring/summer 2018

By Kristopher Fraser


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Two words: wide awake. This was the theme for U.K. luxury streetwear brand Represent's spring/summer 2018 show. While the brand prides themselves on pushing the boundaries, this collection had a lot of subtlety, which left the audience wanting a bit more.

SS18 Runway Show #NYFWM look 29/33.

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The show opened with a track jacket with the words "We Are The" emblazoned across it, paired with track pants that said the same thing. This fill in the blank moment certainly got the audience's attention. It was proceeded by a hoodie and t-shirt that was an ode to the brand's British heritage, simply saying "England" on them.

SS18 Runway Show #NYFWM look 1/33.

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The collection began to get a bit mundane with basics like grey t-shirts and hoodies though. Basics aren't the best place for New York Fashion Week: Men's, the fashion pieces are what people come to see.

SS18 Runway Show #NYFWM look 30/33.

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Accessories were still strong though, and helped elevate some of the more understated offerings. Alpha boots in black and white were a nice contrast to a head-to-toe black number. Other shoe pieces like the zip strapped boots and lion creepers were also notable in the collection.

Next season, it would be great to see the brand to continue to push the envelope a little further. There is more room now than ever for the kind of customer who want basics with a twist. It would've served them well to perhaps do the grey t-shirts in materials like velour or dye them to compliment the denim in some way.

The brand certainly has the potential, and they are usually at a more affordable price point than their competitors, so there is opportunity for them to really go places. It's just a matter of not being afraid to be a little more daring.

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