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Rick Owens to stage show in Venice

By Kristopher Fraser

Sep 23, 2020


Rick Owens, usually one of the biggest highlights on the Paris Fashion Week calendar, might still have his Paris Fashion Week timeslot, but he won't actually be showing in Paris. Instead, the designer will be broadcasting his show live from Venice. The show will officially take place on October 1 at 6 pm.

“We’re doing a bare-bones street show in my home away from home — Lido, Venezia — which is two hours away from my Italian factory,” Owens told WWD. “I wanted to do something homemade and home-based, but live and loud. It might be a moment of restraint, but it’s also a time to pull ourselves up to our very best.”

The few industry personnel with official invitations are expected to be select photographers and a few critics to review the fashion show. In a world that's quite literally been on fire and riddled with a viral pandemic, now couldn't be a more fitting time for Owens' dystopian fashions.

photo: via rickowens.eu