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Scott Sternberg bids final farewell to Band of Outsiders

By Kristopher Fraser

Jun 16, 2015

In the final chapter of the saga that has been the faith of Band of Outsiders, Scott Sternberg has given us the final page. The founder of the independent high-end Los Angeles-based label took to Instagram yesterday to announce that his time at the brand is indeed over. It was the first public comment he made since the news broke in May, and for those Band of Outsiders fans who had hoped that the brand just might survive, hope now seems to be lost.

Sternberg posted a video of Mama Cass Elliot singing "New World Coming" from 1970, with a caption that read, "The proverbial Fat Lady sings, at least for me and my time here at Band. I can't really comment on the future of the brand as that's out of my hands at this point, but I do want to say thanks to all of the Band fans out there who embraced and supported our brand and clothes over the years, and my employees and partners who dedicated so much energy and enthusiasm. The store should be open for at least another week so, like, go buy something cute. And enjoy it. That was the whole point of this thing after all.Scott a.k.a. @angusmoffett."

Sternberg confirms departure from Band of Outsiders

The highlight of this announcement though would be where he mentions that he "can't comment on the future of the brand, because that's out of his hands." Perhaps there might be a ray of hope for Band of Outsiders to return after all? However, with Sternberg gone and the majority of the staff laid off it would be hard to imagine the brand returning to its original aesthetic and authenticity.

While it might be over, and the fat lady has sung, so to speak, Band of Outsiders certainly had an excellent run. In an era where it's becoming increasingly difficult for independent labels to make it, with Kris van Assche also announcing he would be shuttering operations for his namesake label last month, it's a shame that a once beloved brand had to be the casualty of such a difficult period in fashion. Who knows what Sternberg could possibly have up his sleeve next, however.