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SEEK: the Community destination

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Seek has long been more than just a trade show. It embodies everything Berlin stands for today: it’s a location to meet like-minded people, rock a laid-back style and party together – but not to the point of passing out – being grown-up without becoming square. Badeschiff is probably the best place there is for this, with its ‘Club Tropicana’ vibe that makes you almost forget that there is also business going on here.

Over 250 brands from the streetwear segment meet here twice a year to view the latest collections, but also to try out the newest restaurants, bars and clubs – a little like being on holiday, although here it’s first and foremost about business, of course. The Seek team has therefore had some fun with the concept this season, turning the trade show into a holiday destination. A souvenir shop is offering “I <3 SEEK” t-shirts; the campaign brings to the fore photographer and artist Johannes Böttge’s city sightseeing highlights. Tourists are in the luxury streetwear segment of course since Vetements sent the archetypal German down the catwalk in socks and sandals, setting the tone. So why not celebrate this appropriately?

Those who can't be there this time don’t have to feel they missed out on all the fun: with t- shirts sporting slogans such as “My colleague went to SEEK, and all I got was this lousy t- shirt”, even those at home can feel part of it.

Seek takes place at Arena Badeschiff in Berlin, Eichenstraße 4.

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