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Smartrac goes green

By Kristopher Fraser


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Smartrac, a global leader in RFID technology, is continuing to innovate authentication and retail for brands through their RFID tags. Their latest RFID tag offerings not only help brands fight counterfeiting efforts through the authentication process, but also helps retailers engage consumers by allowing them to use their smartphones to scan tags and be taken to brand websites with content to help them learn about the products.

At the National Retail Federation conference this year Smartrac debuted what they are calling their first initial answer to sustainability. Smartrac is offering RFID tags that are purely sustainable, 100 percent plastic free, 95 percent waste reduction, and up to 90 percent carbon footprint reduction. Their new RFID tags are 100 percent recyclable as part of their new green tag program. Karin Fabri, head of marketing and communications at Smartrac, said that their goal in the coming months is to add more products with their green tags.

"Sustainability is a pinpoint for both retailers, and the world beyond retail, because we all need to do something for our environment," Fabri said to FashionUnited. "When it comes to our products we also want to be ready, and are ready to offer these tags in high volumes to customers. 100 percent plastic free is really a commitment, and there's no heavy metals in the tags either, so that's a real innovation."

As retailers work toward more sustainable alternatives, Smartracs green tag program could be the answer. As the company provides RFID tags to luxury brands around the world, luxury apparel, which is already produced in small quantities, can be expected to get more green in the coming years. Eco-friendly RFID tags are still cost neutral, which with brands looking out for their bottom line in a pending "retail apocalypse", driving home both sustainability and cost effectiveness will be beneficial to Smartrac. After all, green is the new black in fashion.

photo: smartrac-group.com

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