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Sportswear, Cowboys and Co: Depop trends for SS24

By Jule Scott


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Depop Summer Report Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Can a second-hand website predict trends? The London-based fashion marketplace Depop, its in-house trend forecaster Agus Panzoni and the 35 million registered users acquiesce and give some detailed insight into the next “big thing” for the upcoming summer.

With Festival Season fast approaching, Depop analysed the most searched-for secondhand pieces on the platform, to gather an overview of the summer's biggest trends, their influences and occasions. The results however revealed that while some are thinking of frolicking through festival fields this summer, others have business on their mind.

“This summer we are seeing shoppers explore their individuality by fusing together opposite ends of the style spectrum – sportswear and prep, romance and rodeo, in office and out of office," added Depop trend forecaster Panzoni. “Pre-loved and vintage finds will be crucial to peoples’ exploration of their style identities.”

The six trends of the summer according to Depop

To gather and represent all contrasting styles sought after by shoppers for SS24, where streetwear plays with different sports aesthetics, minimalism takes on opposing workmodes and fantasy dressing reflects a spectrum of male and female identities, the platform has categorised the trends in six different categories: Sports Play, Eclectic Prep, 9 to Thrive, Workwear, Rodeo Ready and Romantic Summer.

Sports Play

Just in time for the European Championships in Germany, football fever has once again conquered fashion. For SS24, however, different sports are brought onto the pitch and invited to a fashionable friendly.

Casablanca SS24 (left and right), Ottolinger SS24 (centre) Bild: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

‘Sports Play’ is about mixing up sports inspired fashion, something best executed by combining colourful jerseys, light track jackets and shorts of all sports with otherwise casual cool outfits, consisting of jorts and simple sneakers. The trend is most evidently shown in the surge in demand for vintage sportswear on the platform, something brands such as Aime Leon Dore, Adidas, Nike and New Balance all profit from.

Eclectic Prep

The return of preppy style and the birth of ‘quiet luxury’ have largely dominated fashion over the past year. Depop predicts that this summer, prep school style will receive an eclectic update, mixing streetwear with classic brands to add a new twist to the traditional look.

Wales Bonner SS24 (left and right), Lacoste SS24 (centre) Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Nonetheless, searches for ‘preppy’ are up 730 percent since January, and customers are still looking for the quintessential polo shirts, boat shoes (up 296 percent) and loafers (up 326 percent), while French brands such as Lacoste and Dior remain at the top of the list.

9 to Thrive

Ever since offices reopened and Generation Z conquered the boardroom, office attire has changed dramatically. Trends such as ‘office punk’ and the so-called ‘office sirens’ are reinterpreting corporate silhouettes and redefining the concept of practicality.

Prada SS24 (left and right), MiuMiu SS24 (centre) Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

‘9 to Thrive’, a play on words of the classic ‘9 to 5’ working day, takes the trend a little further and flirts with the corporate look, although the new variation is more suited to bars than boardrooms. Initiated by Italian sister brands Miu Miu and Prada, the trend favours blazer-like tops, sheer shirts, ultra-short shorts and small leather bags. Mini skirts and kitten heels, which saw a 40 percent increase in searches in April, are key pieces for the trend, according to Depop.


Much like ‘9 to Thrive’, the workwear trend on Depop is shifting away from its manual labour origins. Brands such as Carhart and Stussy, once popularised by hip-hop, are now among the most popular search terms on Depop, and even luxury brands like Prada have reinterpreted classic workwear silhouettes with their take on the classic barn coat. Essential for this look are loose chore jackets, trousers with reinforced knees and robust boots in minimalist colours that can be worn at any festival, no matter how muddy.

Rodeo Ready

Cowboycore has made its way into fashion over the past year, but with Beyoncé's country album Cowboy Carter and Taylor Swift's ongoing Eras tour, the search for Western styles and rodeo-worthy outfits doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Louis Vuitton FW24 (left and right), Chloé FW24 (centre) Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

The most popular pieces for the look are a mix of prairie, western and boho elements such as broderie anglaise, suede and denim, accompanied by western boots or a western hat. On Depop, however, the trend is primarily reflected in a 75 percent increase in searches for denim, as well as a 127 percent increase in denim jackets since January.

Romantic Summer

Inspired by European piazzas, the Riviera and sunny weather, fashion this summer is leaning towards airy, transparent, romantic styles with feminine charm. Polka dots, flowers, fruit and holiday patterns on linen sets and dresses with puff collars are particularly popular, especially those from European labels, according to the report.

Cecile Bahnsen SS24 (left and right), Molly Goddard SS24 (centre) Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Particularly popular on Depop are bubble skirts, which have seen a 223 percent increase in searches since January, and high-heeled mules, which have increased in popularity by 300 percent.