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Stevie Boi proves he's more than his shades with latest collection

By Kristopher Fraser


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Designer Stevie Boi rose to prominence for his out-of-the-box sunglasses known as SB Shades. He is also known for having designed the headpiece Lady Gaga wore for her *Poker Face* video. However, during New York Fashion Week this season, Boi proved that his skills go far beyond sunglasses and head pieces.

The designer debuted his fall/winter 2016 collection this past weekend, and it was entitled "Cabin." While it might sound strange, the collection was inspired by the designer's time as a boy scout and cadet during his youth. Due to his time as a boy scout, in addition to growing up in a military family, the designer had usually actively avoided greys, greens, and browns.

Even when he came out for his show after the finale, he was dressed in an all black outfit, which although fierce, spoke to his personal preference for neutrals. This season, the designer broadened his artistic palette and included those greys, greens, and browns he had been so long avoiding. The result was a collection that was urban and eccentric chic, that was fitting for Boi's fan base.

The free flowing silhouettes, urban chic coats, and use of details such as fringe helped bring Boi's collection over the edge, and emphasized his ability to combine both urban aesthetics with high fashion sophistication. There is no question the designer is one to watch, and has sensible artistic design skills that transcend beyond his stylish shades.

Stevie Boi