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Taipei and Los Angeles are next in the multiplicity of fashion weeks

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Taipei Fashion Week SS23Credits: Courtesy Taipei Fashion Week

While many see Paris as the culmination of the ‘big four’ fashion cycle, which began in New York early September, before moving to London and Milan and ending in Paris last week, other cities are just getting started. Taipei fashion week officially opened on Wednesday and will run until October 19th. Los Angeles has resurrected its fashion week under new ownership ,and will host its own event and formats from 18 to 22 October.

The debate of expanding international fashion weeks is often met with snobbery from the Western front, however the multiplicity of fashion weeks throughout the year is a logical result of seasonal cycles, new global fashion capitals, regional specialisation, market dynamics, and the constant need for promotion and innovation within the industry.

Notably, key cities like Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai play pivotal roles for European fashion houses as their markets are imperative to luxury’s bottom line. Furthermore, these fashion weeks contribute to the growth of local fashion scenes and enable emerging designers to gain recognition.

Taipei Fashion Week

Taipei's fashion week commenced on Wednesday and is scheduled to continue until October 19th. This event showcases local brands, including 67Arrow, ANoWhereMan, Just In XX, and Plateau Studio. The focus is on the burgeoning streetwear scene, emphasizing innovative design, cultural diversity, and the creativity of the younger generation. Despite the limited presence of international buyers and editors, local designers utilise this platform to generate attention and exhibit their work.

Los Angeles Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week is set to take place from October 18th to 22nd and although it neither expects to attract a substantial international buying congregation, it offers an opportunity for local brands to expand within the USA. California is a key manufacturing hub, especially in categories like denim and jersey. Los Angeles is also the global epicenter for the entertainment industry and hosting events in L.A. provides luxury brands with an opportunity to connect with and gain exposure through high-profile individuals who can wear, endorse, and promote their brand.

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