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Tanya Taylor debuts voter registration video

By Kristopher Fraser

Sep 18, 2020

In partnership with Fashion Our Future 2020, a multi-brand campaign that aims to galvanize the youth vote through the power of fashion, fashion designer Tanya Taylor decided to user her slot on the New York Fashion Week calendar to debut "Things That Take Longer Than Registering to Vote," a video series to inspire potential voters to engage in the democratic process by showing them how little time it takes to register to vote.

The video, produced by Evan Jonigkeit, brings together friends of the brand from the worlds of politics, comedy, fashion, and sports with the goal of encouraging their communities to register to vote ahead of the General Election on November 3. The film shows clips of celebrity talent performing different mundane, everyday activities that would take a person longer to do than to register to vote, which takes two minutes on Tanya Taylor’s website via a partnership with Action Button. The talent chose their own activities and self-shot the content in their homes. In order of appearance, the list includes Mindy Kaling watering her plants, Hillary Rodham Clinton playing with her dog, Stephanie Beatriz putting in contacts, Iskra Lawrence changing a diaper, Aurora James making coffee, Rosario Dawson getting her makeup removed, Stacy London taking a walk, Michelle Buteau folding laundry, Michelle Kwan making tea, Sydnee Washington cooking an egg, Zosia Mamet making a sandwich and Sasheer Zamata hula hooping.

Since the brand’s inception in 2012, Tanya Taylor, CEO and creative director of her namesake label, has participated in NYFW via diverse and unexpected formats ranging from shows and presentations to intimate luncheons and comedic videos, however, this is the first time the brand has dedicated its time slot to focus on a social issue rather than showcasing a new collection. In alignment with a new direct to consumer approach by the brand, the spring 2021 collection will debut to press and consumers in January, a few weeks ahead of the collection’s retail launch.

“There are a lot of eyes on us during NYFW and I feel it is my responsibility to use the platform I have within the industry to speak up and encourage positive change at such an important time in our lives,” said Taylor in a statement. “Our community of strong, empowered women are the heart of our brand, and as always, we aim to empower them and lift up their voices, this time through civic action and voting.”

As a member of the advisory board of Fashion Our Future 2020, Tanya Taylor is also creating exclusive voting-themed merchandise and participating in virtual programming to encourage voter education and participation. In partnership with Voto Latino, Fashion Our Future 2020 aims to inform and engage 1 million voters in advance of the General Election on November 3.

Photo: Tanya Taylor via YouTube