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Telfar announces last Bag Security Program

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Telfar

American accessories brand Telfar is planning its fifth and final Bag Security Program drop this month, along with its fastest delivery from previous sales.

Telfar launched its unlimited pre-order programme for its iconic Shopping Bag in 2020, making its customers its only investors and allowing the Black-owned brand to thrive as an independent fashion brand.

From June 16 to 18, Telfar will open its last Bag Security Program, allowing shoppers to order any bag, in any size and any colour, and have it custom-made. In addition, the fashion brand has confirmed that it will be its fastest-ever delivery, with the bags arriving twice as fast as previous sales, starting within two weeks of pre-order, between June 26 and August 31.

Commenting on the last Bag Security, founder and designer Telfar Clemens, said in a statement: “Bag security changed our lives and changed fashion. NY literally looks different - and we were able to leave the fashion system. We literally do exactly what we want as a company. That’s exactly what we are doing by moving on from it, too.

“We want people to be able to get our bags - but also for people who get our bags to get us. Otherwise, what is it? So, we want to make it both easier and harder. Because it’s never been about money. So, it better be about something.”

To publicise the launch, Telfar conducted a series of one-on-one Zoom calls with customers in which Telfar personally informed them of the news. These recordings were shown on giant screens throughout New York, including on an LED box truck travelling the boroughs, the big screen of the Greenpoint drive-in, and the video screens of Barclays, where passersby gathered to hear the news.

Telfar added that while Bag Security is ending, it is seeking new strategies beyond the drop model, which are “less dependent on corporate social media platforms,” including its own TelfarTV streaming platform and the launch of brick-and-mortar stores in 2024.

Babak Radboy, Telfar partner and creative director, added: “We are really trying to be true to the fact that Telfar is something we do with our customers. They make it up as much as we do — so as we grow, other brands' blueprints don’t fit. We have to do everything differently.”

Last week, for example, Telfar launched a secret sale by texting customers directly via SMS revealing a one-hour window to get any bag they wanted. With the text instructing customers “don’t tell anyone,” the experiment “was wildly successful,” and the text went viral, trending on Twitter with zero publicity or marketing, according to the company.

Telfar Clemens