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The hottest trends for the cooler season

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A new season always brings with it new and fresh trends. This year, we are seeing an exciting mix of old and new trends, intertwined together to form new and fresh looks. Read along to get a summary of this season’s hottest outerwear, shoewear and knitwear trends and get inspired for the cooler months ahead.

Knitwear trends

The knitwear season is here, yet again. New winds are blowing this season, which always means newfound inspiration. Make sure to check out the list below and get inspired to find your new cozy companion.

Half-zip knit

A welcome union of comfort and athleisure, we are seeing the return of the half-zipped knit this season. Bringing back memories of elementary school days, the most on trend version of this style features a zip that reaches halfway through the jumper; a zipped collar. Usually spotted on track suit tops or ski clothes, the zipped collar in knitwear looks surprisingly fresh and brings sharpness to the otherwise comfortable and cozy knit. It also adds endless wearability since it is so extremely versatile. You can zip up the sweater all the way when you are embracing the cold of the outdoors, and zip it down once you are back inside. Thus, you can get multiple looks out of just one jumper, which is of course ideal. You can spot the zipped collar in knitted jumpers, separate collars, dresses and vests. Make sure to check out the newest collection of brands such as ba&sh and Iro to find your new favourites.

Knitted dresses and skirts for maximum comfort

The perfect combination of comfort and sophistication is the iconic knitted dress. This season, it comes in all shapes and sizes imaginable. Whether you pick a playful mini length in a bright pop of color, or a more neutral toned and longer version of this style, both are equally on trend. The knitted dress will keep you warm yet elegant, whether it be at the office or out of it. This trend is so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing a dress, which makes it the ultimate dream garment. This is also an extremely versatile style that can be paired with boots, heels, sneakers and anything in between. For the warmer months it is enough to pair a lightweight jacket with a knitted dress, but for the cooler months, layering is key. Wrap up with an extra cardigan, thick tights, and a polo neck top underneath. Who said staying warm could not look fashionable?

A distant cousin of the knitted dress, is the knitted skirt. A skirt made out of wool or mohair is also an extremely comfortable choice. A skirt itself naturally is nothing new of course, but it looks surprisingly fresh in a knitted material. You can browse endless options ranging from long pleated skirts to fitted miniskirts. Pair this trend with a pair of chunky winter boots and play with the juxtaposition of the softness of the skirt’s material as well as the harshness of chunky leather boots. You will be surprised how effortless and fresh this combination looks.

The iconic sweater vest

The sweater vest has been around since a few seasons back, as everyone is aware. However, somehow it does not seem to lose its appeal. Combining comfort with instant coolness, this trend is appealing to the masses. It provides a fresh mix of androgyneity and sophistication, with endless styles, fits, lengths and colours available. This is not just a trend for the youthful Gen-Z, but with the right choice can be the perfect option for the office or even for a date night. The most on-trend versions feature a very vintage feel, whether it be in a particularly retro print, a nostalgic colorway or a thin and delicate material which is ideal for endless layering. Pair the vest with a blouse with a bold collar for the most 2021 version of this style. This season, you can find stunning knitted vests from brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Patou and Closed.

Outstanding outerwear trends

We are fully back outside and braving the cold for the morning commute or for late evening drinks with friends. More time outside means more outerwear trends. With the exciting trends below, going outside will be an absolute joy.

Fearless fringe jackets

Perhaps one of the most playful outerwear trends of the season is the fringe jacket. We have seen many different fringes throughout the years, ranging from suede jackets with a fringe trim emulating 70s retro nostalgia, to more modern, leather fringes on motorcycle jackets that we were familiarized with in the early 2000s. This season however, we are also witnessing the surge of the wool fringe. This type of whimsical fringe dons the hems of woolen coats, which makes the fringe resemble the tassels of a cozy scarf. To emulate even more coziness, pick a long wool coat in a tartan print, with fringes on the bottom. In this case you will get a coat and a scarf all in one. Despite being introduced to this newer style, you can still pick any type of fringe pattern you want. Whether it be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, or be it on the sleeves, the back or on the hem, all of the options are back in style.

Long-line leather

Yet another trend stemming from the iconic 90s and 00s, long leather jackets are back, and back with a bang. This time, the hems are long and the hues are bold. We are steering clear of motorcycle jackets and cropped versions of this style. This trend is definitely emulating Matrix vibes, a movie whose aesthetic has provided fashionistas never ending inspiration throughout the decades. Despite the undeniable dramatic effect of the long leather jacket that grazes the calves or even the ankles, at its core it is a simple wardrobe staple. This means that this kind of leather jacket is incredibly versatile as well as easy to style, which is probably why this jacket is so popular. If the drama of the jacket itself is not enough, pair the jacket with statement sunglasses and a brightly coloured purse. Or pick a version in a bright hue, such as red or purple. Extra points for a croco-effect finish, with which you will definitely not go unnoticed.

Crazy about checks

When fall returns, so does the checkered pattern. This pattern however proves its timelessness time and time again, since we still do not seem to be sick of it. We are yet again crazy about checks, whether it be a small and understated houndstooth print, or an out-there tartan version. This trend truly proves its timelessness year after year. Perhaps it should not be even called a trend, since this style of coats is clearly here to stay. Throughout the decades it has retrieved its place as a timeless staple of everyone's jacket and coat collection, year after year. Nevertheless, in case you are looking for a modern update for this pattern, choose a checkered coat in a new color, such as light blue or bright red, or pick a version with a statement collar or large and glitzy buttons. Find your new, but familiar checkered craze from brands such as Max Mara and Valentino.

Faux fur frenzy

Another playful trend features longline coats with fake fur trims. Also made popular in the early 2000s by the likes of Britney Spears and the Olsen twins, this style is definitely back. Yet again, the Gen-Z have found this trend and made it their own, with a playful twist. The gist of this trend is that you don’t have to pick a coat that is entirely made out of fur, but perhaps the even cooler choice is to pick a version that only features leather trims around the collar and sleeves. The most 2021 version of the fur jacket comes in faux fur material. This is naturally due to the consumers’ increased need for sustainable and conscious choices, which has resulted in some of the biggest labels within the industry to hop on the faux fur train. Check out the newest collections from brands such as Stand and Apparis and fall in love with faux fur. This season’s fur coat comes in any color you can think of. Even better, the crazy prints have been unleashed together with this trend. This season you can spot a fur coat in a neon coloured animal print, or a geometric check. What could be more fun than that? Do not be afraid to combine the coat with even more whimsical accessories such as a fake fur bucket hat or a brightly colored purse. The more out-there, the better.

Puffer jackets for everyone

Puffer jackets are here to stay. Make your pick out of a cropped version, one that grazes the ground and feels like wrapping yourself in a duvet, an oversized one or a brightly coloured one. Perhaps the popularity of the puffer lies in the fact that there is indeed something out there for everyone. And also in that this jacket combines practicality and style in the best way possible, which naturally results in a definite crowd pleaser. Even though it might be true that everything goes, there are some new styles available this season. If you want to differentiate yourself from an inevitable sea of puffers this year, choose a subtle one. This season, the most chic puffer jacket is an understated one, perhaps surprisingly so. Pick one in a straight fit and an earth toned colourway, such as beige or chocolate brown. The newest and most exciting material we have seen is the puffer in a faux leather finish. This year we are also extending the trend to reach puffer vests. You can pick a sleek and thin puffer liner that you can slip under your thinner coats and jackets. Or if it is a statement that you are looking for, you can go all out and emulate 80s confidence with an out-there, puffier than puffy puffer vest. Pair it with essentially anything you want, whether it be a midi dress with heeled boots or workout leggings with dad sneakers. This trend clearly proves to have endless possibilities. How will we reinvent the puffer next year?

Quilted adventures

We could not talk about this season’s trends without covering the quilted trend. For a few years now, the quilted jacket has become the hottest style on the market. Some of the more “traditional” quilted jackets resemble practical riding jackets, complete with a corduroy collar and useful pockets. However, with each season, the jackets have become more and more adventurous. This year we are seeing quilted jackets that graze the ground and remind us more of our quilted blankets back at home. This is what makes this trend so great, is that the extent of which you embrace the quilt is totally up to you. You can go understated or completely out there, only you can decide. You can pick any quilted pattern you want, whether it be geometric, diagonal or completely abstract, there is something for everyone. If you want to embrace this trend to the max, you can also pick other items in this trend. This season we are also seeing quilted bags, trousers, skirts, shoes and gloves. Go crazy and find your own level of quiltedness.

Après-ski state of mind

Due to the unfortunate closure of most of the ski resorts around the world, the brands are bringing the slopes to the consumers. Après-ski is not only a trend, it is a mindset. It is a way of life. The term après-ski of course stems from the French term meaning “after ski”, when after a long day of skiing, one could relax with a nice beverage, ideally in the sun. Still wearing their ski clothes of course, après-ski is a great place to show off your style. This is why this whimsical trend appeals to us all, generation after generation. This trend ties together most of the styles introduced above. The 2021 apre-ski staples include beautiful jumpers, comfortable puffer jackets or vests as well as fashionable accessories in bold colors and fearless prints. Think ski jumpsuits in bright colors and fitted silhouettes, or beautiful thermal wear that deserves to be seen at the slopeside cafes. As a final touch, remember to throw on some retro-looking winter boots. This trend emulates positive spirits and fond memories. If you are feeling extra nostalgic, take a peek in your parents’ closets for their generations’ après-ski inspiration. Check out the collections from brands such as Dior and Fendi, and hop onto the slopes, even if you might actually just be walking down your home street. After all, après-ski truly is a mindset.

Not-so-subtle shoe trends

An outfit would not be complete without shoes of course. Grab a sneak peak of the upcoming trends, which combine style and practicality in the best ways possible.

Bringing back the loafers

This year the loafers come in two main shapes: the chunky, 90s version and the more understated and delicate loafer. After summer and its lightweight tennis shoes and strappy sandals in candy colours, the loafer is a welcome addition to our wardrobes. The chunky version, with a particularly thick sole and an elevated heel is emulating school girl vibes in the best way. Add a track bottom sole to make it extra grippy and reminiscent of the grunge era. The loafer is a truly versatile companion, which can be paired equally well with jeans, a dress or even biking shorts. However, don’t forget to slip in a tennis sock underneath. Be sure to check out the shoe collections of brands such as Marni and LOEWE to find a more out-there version of this trend. On the other hand, a more sophisticated look can be achieved with the more sleek, non-platform version of the loafer. Look to classic brands like Isabel Marant and Celine for a more understated look. If this trend feels too masculine, pick out your loafers in a lighter color, perhaps with some gold accents.

Chunky boots

A further sign that utilitarian shoewear is back is the chunky boot trend. As a companion to the out-there loafer, the boot is also back, bolder than ever. The most on-trend version of the boot is a chunky one with a thick sole that is ideal for gripping the slippery and wet ground this autumn. A style combines the chelsea boot and a classic combat version, this boot is an ideal pair with skirts and dresses, which poses as a nice balance between femininity and masculinity. This season’s other on-trend boot is also one featuring a heel. Choose a block heel and a squared toe for the most on trend version. In both types of boots, the most stylish colors are the ever-so-stylish black as well as hues of beige and white, which look surprisingly fresh on the grey pavements of this season. This is especially true if you combine the crisp white boots with an otherwise understated colour palette of the rest of your outfit.

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