Thom Browne has joined the co-ed bandwagon. The designer has announced that beginning with Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2020 he will be showing his men's and women's runway collections together.

While many brands have been opting to go co-ed, Paris Fashion Week Men's was actually seeing an increase in designers on their roster. Many other designers in New York and Milan have opted for the co-ed route already, with Versace even announcing it would switch to a co-ed format for this upcoming season, although it only plans to do so for 2020. Browne's move could potentially lead to a trend for other designers, although Paris Fashion Week Men's still has plenty of headlining acts, including Celine and Dior.

Thom Browne going co-ed for runway show

On the other hand, Gucci has announced that they will now be separating their men's and women's shows. For Thom Browne, who has been taking a genderless approach to fashion, it does make sense for him to opt for the more largely attended Paris Fashion Week, which draws in more editors and buyers, resulting in more coverage and social media impressions.





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