Tibi provides lessons in wearability at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is often a scene for the avant-garde and over the top when it comes to what is sent down the runways. There's always the question of who will wear that, and can that dress go anywhere but the red carpet. However, designer Amy Smilovic gave her audience and her customers a very wearable and stylish collection this season at NYFW.

Smilovic knows how to take today's trends and play with them safely to create a collection that is approachable, but not boring. She isn't afraid to play with colors and colorblock, but she knows how to do a dress, a blazer and a pair of trousers for everybody.

Tibi provides lessons in wearability at New York Fashion Week

The opening look was a pair of khaki high-waisted trousers and khaki trench coat with an orange sweater. Neutrals were juxtaposed against brighter colors and floral patterns for that traditionally more understated woman who wanted something to get her out of her comfort zone. A bright purple sweater with voluminous sleeves was paired with a micro-check pattern skirt, taking louder statements and mixing them with more subtle ones.

To anyone who also ever wondered how to wear a bright orange faux fur jacket, the answer is with a pink high neck line jumpsuit and a pair of blue heels. The Tibi woman doesn't shy away from color, she knows how to be both bold with it, and how to pair it down with a khaki jacket or oversized navy blazer when the time is right.

The silhouettes were oversized, but still managed to be flattering. This season, Smilovic gave modest looks to the contemporary woman who wants to live her life elevated. Tibi's customers want to pop, but be relaxed at ease in a chic, loose cut sweater.

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