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Top Fashion Influencer: Barry Brandon

By FashionUnited



Credit: Courtesy of Barry Brandon, Photo by Sebastien Navosad

Barry Brandon (He/They/Her/Ze) is a Queer non comforming fashion influencer, better known online as the queer indigo. On their Instagram and TikTok, Barry shows off outfits in an extravagant fashion.

A lot of Barry’s videos feature fellow LGBTQIA+ creators from all over the world. Together they strutt and the caption will inform followers what bigger meaning there is behind the scene they have chosen. Whilst Barry’s clothing is never anything less than fabulous, their aim is bigger than that. On a mission to inspire others to be their authentic selves, Barry created their own digital agency, For All Humans.

Whether it be for fashion inspiration (Barry always links all of their clothing) or to find a role model to be yourself more authentically, Barry’s content will help you achieve either.

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