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Top Fashion Influencer: Moritz Hau

By FashionUnited PR


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Credit: Image by Valerio Geraci

Moritz Hau - a young, vibrant influencer, with a total following of more than 4M people, as he quotes ‘’a German boy in Paris”. He is not only making waves in premium fashion and lifestyle circles but is also shaping the way we perceive fashion and its influence in our everyday lives. A model, a content creator, and a student of psychology, Moritz Hau’s multi-faceted persona resonates deeply with his growing audience and sets him apart in the crowded space of influencers.

Credits: Moritz Hau

Born and raised in Europe, Moritz's career in the world of fashion took off from an auspicious beginning. His first modeling assignment was none other than Sydney Fashion Week, a milestone that many in the industry only dream of. His effortless style and charismatic appeal were quickly noticed by luxury fashion houses. In no time, Moritz was walking the ramp for illustrious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Armani Exchange, setting the tone for a stellar career in high-fashion.

Moritz's vibrant journey has taken him across the globe, shaping his understanding of diverse cultures, and honing his unique perspective on style. These cosmopolitan experiences have undeniably influenced his fashion sensibilities and lifestyle content, offering his followers a fresh, dynamic blend of styles and ideas.

His style can be interpreted as the saying of Old Money which became a trend on TikTok. This fashion sense consists of minimalistic but high end pieces that will elevate your look and make you look effortlessly wealthy. The classic style, also referred to as "quiet luxury," usually involves understated, color-coordinated, and discreetly extravagant attire. When we look at Moritz's outfits we can see he uses shirts, cardigans and blazers frequently.

Credits: Moritz Hau

In a world where fashion influencers are plentiful, Moritz Hau stands tall as a beacon of inspiration. His journey through the worlds of premium fashion and lifestyle, fueled by his educational pursuits and distinctive life philosophy, embodies an authenticity that's both refreshing and compelling. Whether it’s his captivating runway appearances or the inspiring content he creates, Moritz Hau is not just influencing fashion; he's redefining it.

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