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Top Fashion Influencer: Myles Sexton

By FashionUnited

Jun 9, 2022


Credit: Courtesy of Myles Sexton, Photo by Nick Merzetti

Myles Sexton (They/Them) is a Canada based fashion influencer, model, makeup artist & activist. They’re mostly active on TikTok and Instagram, creating content exploring different styles.

I think one of the biggest things that inspires my style is history and looking at how fashion was so divided by gender. I love to disrupt and blend these gender binaries together when it comes to deciding how to get dressed.

Myles about their inspiration
Myles is not just advocating for a more inclusive fashion world, they’re also an outspoken advocate for HIV/AIDS and Sobriety.

Myles describe themselves as a Queer Fashion Nomad, which could not be more fitting. The styles they explore reach from glamorous high fashion, a thrifted rock & roll outfit to a loosely cowboy inspired fit. Myles curates all of their outfits so carefully, so if you are looking to expand your style beyond the fashion gender-binary then Myles is just the right person to follow.