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Top Fashion Influencer: Nathan Hopkinson

By FashionUnited


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Credit: Courtesy of Nathan Hopkinson

Nathan Hopkinson is a British model and influencer in the world of modeling and social media. He is known for his bold sense of style and #GRWM videos on TikTok and Instagram, where he reached a total of 500K followers. Nathan's success on TikTok has also translated into the modeling industry, where he has been signed to NEXT Model Management. With his striking looks and unique style, Nathan has quickly become a sought-after model for brands and designers.

One of Nathan's most popular TikTok videos features him wearing trash bags as clothing. The video has received over 1 million likes and has been widely shared and talked about on social media. Nathan's willingness to push boundaries and experiment with unconventional styles is part of what makes him such an exciting and dynamic influencer.

Nathan's love for fashion and style is clear in his content, and his unique take on trends and aesthetics has made him a favorite among his followers. Nathan Hopkinson's style is eclectic and innovative, with a unique blend of classic and unconventional elements. He often incorporates bold patterns, bright colors, and unexpected accessories into his outfits, creating a look that is both eye-catching and original.

He captures the attention of audiences and luxury brands with his willingness to experiment with unconventional materials and textures. He is not afraid to push boundaries and explore new and unexpected fashion choices.

One of the hallmarks of Nathan's style is his use of layering, such as vest jackets over sweaters and trousers with chunky belts. He often pairs these pieces with more casual items, like graphic t-shirts or statement sneakers, creating a unique balance between formal and casual wear.

Nathan also has a penchant for vintage and retro styles, which he incorporates into his outfits in creative ways. He often wears vintage pieces, such as 70s-style sunglasses or 80s-inspired jackets, and pairs them with more modern items to create a contemporary look with a vintage twist.

Overall, if you want to have an innovative and edgy approach to fashion, Nathan is your person to go! His love for fashion and experimentation is evident in all of his content, and he will inspire and surprise you with his next fashion-forward outfits.

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