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Top Fashion Influencer: Nursena Iri

By FashionUnited

Sep 23, 2022


Credit: Courtesy of Nursena Iri

Nursena is a German based social media influencer, with a combined following of 113k followers on her social media platforms. She is mainly active on Instagram, where she shows off her own, unique version of modest fashion.

Hijab street style fashion has opened a new dimension in Muslim women fashion. Lots of women wonder how to wear a hijab for a street style look, and Nursena shows how to do just that. She likes to wear comfortable, trendy and relaxed fits, while covering her body modestly. Her style leans the most towards futuristic fashion and street style, however, she doesn’t like to stick to a specific style and enjoys playing around with different garments and looks. Nursena is a star in making things look cool, yet elegant by wearing a bucket hat or cap, while always paying tribute to her religion with her Hijab. Most of her outfits consist of neutral tones, however, she is not afraid to switch it up from time to time with a pop of colour, such as green or pink. Almost all outfits are finished off with a handbag, hat or sunglasses, which makes her look put together without fail. So if you are looking for a modest, street style influencer, Nursena is just the right person for you.

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