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Top Fashion Influencer: O Sister O Sister

By FashionUnited

May 25, 2022


Credit: Courtesy of O Sister O Sister

Marlo and Ingrid, also known as the duo behind O Sister O Sister, are known for their style challenge videos on TikTok. Oftentimes you will also find these two joined by their mother to show off their #styled3ways content, in which they will use an extravagant piece of clothing and style it as a teenager would (Ingrid), as a 20 something would (Marlo) and as a 50 something (their mother).

Their bio on various socials reads “fashion for fun”, which is exactly what their content feels like. O Sister o Sister’s videos give all three of them the opportunity to express their different style choices and inspire others with it. Though they are more active on TikTok, they do also have an Instagram and individual TikTok accounts. If you feel like challenging yourself to style your wardrobe in a new way, this is just the content for you.