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Trend agnosticism, honesty and AI shape SS25

By Jule Scott


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Womenswear-Trends for AW25 Credit: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

“We are living in this time of disposable trend culture, and it’s a really uncertain time economically and environmentally,” Melissa Moylan, vice president of womenswear at trend forecasting company Fashion Snoops, opened her spring/summer 25 trend seminar for fashion platform Mmgnet Group. Not an easy set of circumstances to design for, but fashion has long been known to mirror the cultural zeitgeist and the current climate offers plenty of opportunity to influence upcoming trends.

Divided into four design aesthetics, the upcoming summer season promotes authenticity and conscious consumption, highlights healing through dance and a return to physical wellbeing, reflects on traditional values and social statements, and explores the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and environmental awareness into design processes. Each trend presented by the trend forecaster offers a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion, addressing the needs, hopes, and anxieties of the customer. FashionUnited has summarised the four trend directions – Honest, Movement, Devotion, and Conversion – for you.


The first design aesthetic presented by the trend expert, “Honest,” promotes a culture of authenticity, conscious consumption, and considered design, allowing consumers to express themselves with confidence and authenticity in an increasingly artificial digital landscape. The trend direction, which is driven by society, questions the artificiality and irony of today’s digital culture.

Another central aspect of the trend is the fight against unrealistic beauty and success standards that are prevalent in the digital world, a point that is particularly relevant for Generation Z. It encourages taking a stand against the promotion of unhealthy aspirational standards and instead promotes self-expression. Customers respond particularly positively to brands that show their own vulnerability, acknowledge difficulties, and take responsibility for mistakes. In addition, there is a fatigue with disposable culture, leading to a desire for seasonless basics and conscious luxury. This manifestation of the trend is evident in a move towards more elegant and understated design, particularly in womenswear, and a return to more subtle branding.

“Ultimately, it’s about moving away from trend-driven consumption and towards sustainable choices,” explains Moylan. “The foundations that we’re looking at here are really clean and minimal. We’re speaking to this desire to connect or disconnect and to bask in nature to reset. We can also see this being channeled through a modern pastoral lens and even leaning into Western – a sub-trend – in addition to a new coastal aesthetic that’s both practical and sensual.”

Cos SS24, Sally LaPointe, Jil Sander SS24 Image: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

The colour palette that supports this trend includes coastal hues such as open water, weathered indigo, and soft drizzle. Various shades of brown are also highlighted, from dark earth to glowing auburn, as well as warm clay tones such as terracotta and coffee. Complementing these are summery shades such as artichoke, burnt ochre, and cherry glaze, as well as lived-in tinted neutrals such as lemon zest.

Fashion-wise, “Honest” for spring/summer 2025 is versatile, but above all, uncomplicated. A key piece named by Moylan is the maxi shirt dress, which, in contrast to the shorter versions of previous years, appears as a “new, commercial” garment. Lightweight natural fibers such as the linen waistcoats and relaxed Bermuda shorts are also important elements, as are dresses with drop-waist details, which represent a new silhouette for the contemporary market. Two-tone jeans and long denim skirts, on the other hand, are in high demand in the young contemporary sector, according to the trend expert. Artisan details can be found in embellished cardigans and oversized beach shirts with short sleeves. In terms of accessories, summer classics such as espadrilles, minimalist raffia tote bags, and woven leather sandals take center stage, complemented by patterns such as classic stripes and minimalist speckled patterns.


The “Movement” trend emphasises the revival of movement-based disciplines, particularly various dance genres, as a response to the collective frustrations of recent years. Dance is seen as a means of improving physical and emotional well-being and promotes a somatic connection to bring mind, body, and soul back into alignment.

One cultural signal is healing through dance, with dance movement therapy (DMT) gaining increasing importance. In addition, there is growing interest in search terms such as “house music outfits” and “rave party aesthetic,” primarily from the perspective of the younger generation.

“We’re seeing these unique expressions of dance that build on aesthetics that we’re all familiar with, such as ‘balletcore,’ but also creative or marketing inspiration from aforementioned club scenes like hyper-pop to spiritual practices,” says Moylan.

Another cultural signal is the emphasis on humanness as a reaction to technological optimisation and the increasing presence of AI, which the trend forecaster says raises concerns about dehumanisation for 84 percent of people. “Movement,” on the other hand, calls for soft skills such as creativity and emotional intelligence, the creation of high-quality interpersonal connections, and the humanisation of transactional experiences in retail.

Zimmermann SS24 (left and right), Staud SS24 Image: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

The colours and silhouettes of the design aesthetic underscore its pursuit of a movement-oriented lifestyle. Adaptive mobility and accessible design are at the forefront, supported by sensual basics that are lightweight and easy to layer. New silhouettes are created through draping, which, together with colours such as airy blue, pirouette pink, and contrasting gray or purple, create a vibrant, almost effervescent aura. Calming hues such as terracotta, banana yellow, and cornflower blue complement the palette and convey a sense of fluid, free movement.

Key pieces for SS25 include sarong dresses, knot details on knitwear, and flowing resort skirts. Practical, voluminous cargo pants offer both functionality and a fashionable look, while transparent pieces such as ruched cutout tops and slip skirts are particularly popular with young contemporary customers in a layered look. Pastel-coloured puddle jeans and flared A-line dresses that emphasise a flowing silhouette complete the look for Movement.


The “Devotion” trend emphasises the increasing value orientation of customers in a culture of uncertainty, who support brands that reflect their larger beliefs. This trend examines traditionalism and timeless rituals that connect us to the earth and its elements. One cultural signal is rebellious disobedience, as a reaction to threats to social progress.

“Some indicators are that LGBTQ+ performers like Ethel Cain are re-appropriating religious iconography and Southern aesthetics,” explains Moylan. “We’ve also seen more global women’s rights movements like ‘Women Like Freedom’ speaking out for liberated expression. In fashion, this could be addressed through reclaiming traditions for inclusivity, making a statement through subversion.”

Chloe FW24, Paolina Russo SS24, Etro FW24 Image: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Examples of this can also be found on the catwalk, such as designer Willy Chavarria, who presented a collection inspired by clericalism in a cathedral to comment on his religious upbringing and question traditional brand perceptions. This trend direction also emphasises a trend-agnostic attitude, especially among Gen Z, who favour styles that transcend gender, age, and season, according to the expert.

“Devotion” manifests itself in subverted designs that reinterpret modesty and iconography, as well as in folkloric elements and artisanal techniques that emphasise heritage and connection to the earth. In womenswear for SS25, folklore also plays an important role. The colour palette offers stability with neutral tones such as washed black, soft gray, and traditional rich colours such as indigo and earthy brown, complemented by vibrant colours such as wild poppy and burnt ochre.

Key pieces for “Devotion” include the ‘resort pant,’ a relaxed, wide-leg fabric pant with vibrant prints, printed maxi dresses, and sarong-style skirts that combine sleek shapes with knotted details. Other important pieces are the crochet knit set, relaxed weekender jeans, and fashionable statement jackets with elaborate details. Prints and patterns are characterised by patchwork and traditional motifs, featuring vibrant and energetic colors as well as “quiet, storytelling designs.”


“Conversion,” the last of the four design aesthetics for SS25, deals intensively with the integration of AI into the design process, with the rapid development of such technologies leading to a certain desensitisation.

AI can be used to fill “blind spots” in design, although it tends to reinforce existing biases, an aspect that is already causing concern and unrest. But that aside, AI can also promote growing environmental awareness, according to the trend expert. AI and virtual reality can enable people to see the world from the perspective of other organisms. This can be used to reinforce environmental messages through storytelling and promote awareness of nature. Moylan refers to this phenomenon as “eco-curious.”

MSGM SS24, Diesel SS24, Faith Connexion SS24 Image: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

However, generative AI tools also enable the creation of new visual creations. The product aesthetic of Devotion is characterised by amorphous silhouettes and high-resolution textiles. The colour palette includes a mix of shades such as sulfur and Jupiter purple, as well as contrasting combinations such as lava red and galactic blue. Important womenswear items include Y2K-style maxi cardigans, shell bomber jackets, and cargo pants with a utility touch.

For the young contemporary target group, there are metallic jeans, holographic mini dresses, sporty tank tops with cut-outs, and ‘acid-washed’ denim shorts. Playful accessories such as flat jelly sandals with 3D-printed flowers, jelly bead bags, and nature-inspired jewellery complete the trend. Finally, the pattern and graphic area includes digitised designs, wavy motifs, and earthy alchemy, which is particularly important for the young, contemporary target group and the denim market.

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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