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Uniqlo launches charity t-shirt collection with UNHCR

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Uniqlo x UNHCR 'Hope Away from Home' t-shirt collection Credits: Uniqlo

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo has launched a charity t-shirt collection that features unique designs from the 2023 Youth with Refugees Art Contest.

Organized with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, the art contest was established in 2020 to provide young people (aged 30 and under) with the opportunity to share their artistic talents. Joining forces with Uniqlo in 2023, the new ‘Hope away from Home Collection’ aims to showcase solidarity to refugees through art and engage customers around the world to show their support by purchasing a t-shirt from the collection.

The theme of the 2023 Youth with Refugees Art Contest was ‘Hope Away From Home,’ highlighting recognition and inclusion of individuals who have had to flee their homes and discover hope while rebuilding their lives in places where they have sought refuge.

Uniqlo x UNHCR 'Hope Away From Home' t-shirt collection Credits: Uniqlo

The artworks play a crucial role in assisting refugees in gaining acceptance and progressing further, facilitating everything from the formation of new friendships and providing educational opportunities to family reunification and employment acquisition. Uniqlo and UNHCR received over 4,000 submissions globally, and Uniqlo transformed the top five designs into t-shirts.

Next to making a direct donation of 100,000 USD Uniqlo made to UNHCR, the Japanese fashion retailer will also donate 3 USD for every T-shirt purchase from the collection. Uniqlo is also set to donate 5,000 t-shirts and 1,000 tote bags from the collection to UNHCR, which will be available online at the UNHCR Visibility Shop. All proceeds from these sales are set to fund UNHCR's refugee support activities.

The ‘Hope Away from Hope’ t-shirt collection is available in selected Uniqlo stores with the UTme! Service across the US from March 25.

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