Japanese high street giant Uniqlo will hire 100 refugees both at home and overseas in an expansion of its self-reliance programme that supports recognised refugees to work at its stores.

The retailer is currently employing 13 refugees in Japan since the programme was launched in 2011, according to Asahi Shimbun.

Fast Retailing, parent company of Uniqlo, will also donate 1.22 billion yen to United Nations over the next three years to support self-reliance initiatives for refugees in Europe and around the world.

Separately, the group has signed a licensing deal with US laser technology firm RevoLaze for the manufacturing and selling of laser-treated garments globally.

The deal will grant Fast Retailing access to RevoLaze’s latest technology, which is designed to eliminate the need for hand-sanding after laser abrasion as a more sustainable and productive practice.

RevoLaze holds 31 worldwide patents for laser scribing methods and was most recently involved in a year-long patent infringement lawsuit against rival firms Jeanologia/GFT and Easy Laser.





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