Uniqlo unveils Star Wars collaboration and announces return of Lemaire

The highly anticipated Star Wars and Uniqlo collaboration has finally arrived online and in stores, just in time for the December 18 movie premiere. The collection includes graphic t-shirts, outerwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Prices range from 9 dollars and 90 cents for the men's nepal to 39 dollars and 90 cents for the boys parka.

After a ten year absence from the screen, apparel companies were arguably the most excited group, aside from the die hard Star War fans, to be happy that a new film was being made. The multi-billion dollar enterprise is a cash cow, and anything Star Wars related is sure to be a money maker.

Uniqlo also lists Disney as one of their big name collaborators, with items from that collection including Mickey Mouse t-shirts and dolls.

The company also announced the return of one of their collaborations with a certain high-end label. That's right, the Uniqlo x Lemaire collection is back.

Select items will be available for purchase online and in Uniqlo's flagship location on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The items will be available beginning Monday, December 14. Price points for the collection range from 24 dollars and 90 cents for cut & sewn garments to 199 dollars and 90 cents for coats.

With Christmas around the corner, now might be a good time to get these items that aren't expected to last long. With the movie coming out, the Star Wars collection is a strong potential sell out. As for the Uniqlo and Lemaire collaboration, last October when it was released it was down to extremely small inventories within a week, with multiple items even selling out completely. If precedent holds up, both these collections will help generate major sales figures for Uniqlo this quarter.

photo:courtesy of HL Group




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