Uniqlo x Lemaire SS16 has arrived

New York - The highly anticipated second round of Uniqlo x Lemaire's collaboration has arrived in stores today for spring/summer 2016. The sad news for fans of the collaboration is this will be the last collection Uniqlo does in collaboration with Lemaire, however, there is plenty to look forward to for this season.

The current collection focuses on lightweight, summery offerings that can be worn effortlessly. The silhouettes created for the collection are designed with simple lines that effortlessly wrap the body, creating a stylish, yet relaxed look. Large pockets are signature details that are intended to allow for a feeling of freedom.

The color patterns for this season were designed around a range of expressive colors that give the impression of having absorbed the light of the summer sun over the years. Colors used include ginger, mahogany, blue/green, and ash gray. Accents like deep black and vivid white were used as well. Materials featured in the collection include seersucker, chambray, and oxford cloth.

The second Uniqlo x Lemaire collaboration arrives in stores

Last season, several items sold out immediately after the launch. With the precedent that has already been set by fall/winter 2015 collection, and the overall success fast-fashion brands have with luxury and contemporary label collaborations in general, this season's collection is expected to be another success.

While Uniqlo prefers to do collections with higher end brands that aren't as much of a household name in comparison to their competitors like H&M, that has never stopped their collaborations from seeing success. Their collaboration with acclaimed fashion editor Carine Roitfeld continues to be hit every season, as well as their collection with Ines de les Fressange.

Paris-based fashion brand Lemaire, which is headed by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, is traditionally known for their functional designs done with attentive details. Those luxury brand lovers would also be familiar with Christophe Lemaire as he is the former creative director of Hermes.

Price points for the Uniqlo x Lemaire collaboration range from 19 dollars and 90 cents for cut and sew garments to 149 dollars and 90 cents for outerwear. This season, Uniqlo has increased the number of stores the collection is offered at making it available at 9 stores in the U.S., and markets in 16 other countries. The collection is also available on uniqlo.com.

photo:courtesy of HL Group




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