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Vegan Fashion Week presents biodegradable gown at pre-Oscars party

By Dale Arden Chong


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Vegan Fashion Week—the Los Angeles-based movement fighting for sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry—teamed up with Red Carpet Green Dress to host the sustainable organization’s 2020 pre-Oscars party.

According to an announcement from Vegan Fashion Week, its founder and chief executive officer, Emmanuelle Rienda, selected eco-luxury designer Matea Benedetti to represent the movement with the creation of a gown that is biodegradable in water, soil, and compost under industrial, home, soil, and marine conditions. The dress is made up of a Tencel Luxe, which is made of filament yarn derived from wood pulp for a 100 percent plant-based material.

“This collaboration is the symbol of the future of fashion where sustainability meets ethics,” Rienda shared in a statement. “Our mission at Vegan Fashion Week is to lead and inspire positive change through fashion, because fashion is activism.”

Images: Courtesy of Vegan Fashion Week

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