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Welcome to The Union, our Spring ‘23 collection.

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Les Deux, SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

The Union is both a reference to our origins and a nod to the community we seek to create. Les Deux started as a meeting between opposites, a coming together of two people from completely different worlds. And throughout the years we’ve grown as that community of two has.

We wanted to return to the roots of our founding by recognizing the original varsity and street- wear uniforms that changed the way the world saw menswear. And this is where we found our inspiration for this collection: from those timeless styles of yesteryear that we used as inspiration for some of our very first designs. It’s Rebel Without a Cause, it’s JFK, it’s Steve McQueen. Funda- mentally, it’s our homage to those enduring cultural references that we all know and love.

The Union has seen an expansion of our color palette while remaining true to the tones that de- fine us. You’ll still see the same core colors: black, white, grey mélange, navy, and our characteristic deep olive hue. But we’ve also added some playful new impressions and shades, like fresh greens that evoke spring, light lemon sorbet yellow, dusty orange, and burnt clay.

Les Deux, SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

This playfulness has also been introduced in the fabrics we’ve used. There’s been a big focus on introducing different textures in this collection, with everything from light linens and ribbed cotton to corduroy, denim, and terry cloth.

We’ve forayed into some contemporary suiting styles in this collection, while also expanding our range of lightweight yet durable outerwear that’s sturdy enough to hold up against the mercurial weather of spring.

Overall, this collection has an undeniably fresh and young tone that channels Old Americana and blends it with the audacious simplicity of Scandinavian style.

Les Deux, SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

The combination of two styles and garments is a metaphor for our origin story, but duality and community have been infused in the entire design process of this collection. It’s in the collabora- tive working environment across different departments in everything from the photoshoots to the design process itself.

The Union isn’t about one person’s vision or ideas. It’s a combination of contrasting styles and aesthetics, different outlooks and personalities, and the collective working towards a common goal. This is how Les Deux comes alive. Not in a single garment or individual, but in a union of differ- ent approaches... because a community is never about one.

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