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What to expect from New York Fashion Week?

By Kristopher Fraser

Sep 8, 2021


Image: Purple PR

The first in-person New York Fashion Week since February 2020, pre-COVID-19, is here. With fashionistas and fashionistos descending upon New York City, many are excited for what was considered by many to be the “fashion family reunion”, where they got reunite with industry colleagues whom they are often too busy to see the rest of the year. With COVID-19 precautions strictly in place causing reduced capacity, and many designers shifting away from the main venue of Spring Studios, how is this New York Fashion Week expected to look different.

  1. No Standing Room attendees

With COVID-19 reducing capacity, Fashion Week first timers, small bloggers, and micro influencers who could once count on getting at least a standing room seat to an emerging designer show can unfortunately kiss that goodbye. Designers have been forced to severely reduce capacity, and the expected result is assumed to be more intimate, salon like shows, like how New York Fashion Week was in the ‘90s. Gone are the days of a New York Fashion Week shows looking as crowded as a Wrestlemania stadium.

  1. More Off-Site Shows

While Spring Studios is still serving as a primary venue for New York Fashion Week, many designers are opting for shows and presentations off-site to make it easier to curate their guest lists and screen for vaccination cards. For several years, longtime attendees of Fashion Week had complained about how they didn’t feel Spring Studios was a practical venue, and many of them are more than happy to leave for other pastures. Of course, that will leave a whole lot of running around the city.

COViD-19 has brought some changes to New York Fashion Week

  1. The return of fashion editors to the shows

Once upon a time, the front rows of Fashion Week were dominated by the industry’s top fashion editors who commanded what brands would have the reigning influence for the year. Over time, editors were replaced by bloggers and social media influencers, and it got to a point where many of them could only be found at a few select shows for top designers. With the “reboot” of New York Fashion Week, and designers having to be much more curated about their guest lists, fashion editors are expected to rule the front rows again alongside select celebrity invitees.

  1. The return of celebrities to the shows

The days of Bryant Park and Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week saw many star-studded front rows where A-list celebrities could be found sitting adjacent to top fashion editors. It was only in recent years that New York Fashion Week seems to have lost its celebrity gravitas, but with the acclaimed Met Gala aligning with New York Fashion Week, there is about to be a slew of A-listers in town. Of course, fashion publicists will be taking notice to make sure their brands front rows are shining bright like diamonds.

  1. More fashion collaborations

If you want to get people interested and shopping, limited-edition fashion collaborations are the way to do it. Designers known for fashion collaborations, like Christian Cowan and Willy Chavarria, are scheduled for shows this New York Fashion Week, and there is expected to be no famine of fashion collaborations. It’s one way to always get people talking about your brand.