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Why is the 'mob wife' fashion aesthetic gaining momentum?

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Dolce & Gabbana SS24 leopard trench Credits: Dolce & Gabbana SS24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

From TikTok to the New York Times, the mob wife fashion aesthetic, that of opulence, extravagance and maximalist glamour, is gaining traction.

The aesthetic, made famous by the long-running crime series The Sopranos, often features bold statement pieces, including fur coats, high-end accessories, and ensembles that reflect wealth and status.

Popular culture, in particular a new wave of social media users, is drawing inspiration from diverse cinematic and television sources, none the least inspired by the newly released Netflix series Griselda, which features actress Sofia Vergara in all its glorious signifiers, from heavy makeup, big hair and fabulous furs to animal prints and bold jewellery.

While the brashness of mob wife fashion stands in stark contrast to the prevailing trend of understated luxury on the runways, data analytics has substantiated its surge in popularity.

Clearpay, the Buy Now Pay Later service, reports consecutive quarterly upticks in various items synonymous with this aesthetic. Notably, there's been a 231 percent surge in faux fur coat purchases, escalating to 421 percent when coupled with 'oversized.'

Additionally, leopard print pants have witnessed an 84 percent quarter-on-quarter increase, and coats show a substantial 54 percent growth. The allure extends to jumpers as well, experiencing a notable 66 percent uptick in sales.

Safari-style prints and tiger print trousers are not lagging, boasting a 115 percent quarter-on-quarter surge, with trousers amplifying the trend with a substantial 278 percent sales increase.

Ultimately, the trend resonates with those who appreciate the fusion of sophistication, drama, and a touch of rebellion in their fashion choices.