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Wireless Armour underwear protects male fertility

By Simone Preuss

Aug 24, 2015

Men may want to think twice before buying their next pair of underwear as the choice could be a question of life and death. London-based scientist Joseph Perkins has tackled a problem that affects about 70 million couples worldwide - male infertility. One reason for lower sperm counts and motility in men is increased exposure to environmental factors like electromagnetic radiation emitted by Wi-Fi enabled devices like smartphones and laptops. A worrying situation for Perkins, who has developed Wireless Armour, a new line of 'smart, wearable tech' underwear using a mesh of pure silver woven into fabric to shield against 99.9 percent of such harmful radiation.

“Like so many people, my smartphone and laptop use has increased dramatically in recent years which made me realise that I was exposing myself to large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, mostly centred on my groin,” said Perkins.

“Wireless Armour has been tested by an industry leader in wireless shielding and the results show that our fabric shields against 99.9 percent of the radiation emitted between 100MHz to 2.6GHz. Put simply, this covers the entire range of radiation emitted by wireless devices, from voice and text through to 4G and Wi-Fi, almost everything is blocked,” explained the scientist.

'Underpants for superheroes'

Wireless Armour underwear has a mesh of pure silver woven into it - about 35 percent of the total fabric - which creates an unbroken shield. Given that silver is a conductor of electricity, the mesh disrupts the flow of electromagnetic radiation, evenly distributes it around the mesh and stops it from flowing through. Sir Richard Branson even described the range enthusiastically as “underpants for superheroes”, no doubt referring to the super-healthy sperms men will expect after wearing them.

And that's not all, the silver fibres in Wireless Armour's range of blue or black trunks, boxers and briefs are also anti-static and highly anti-microbial, preventing the spread of bacteria and other microbes that cause smells, thus making them more hygenic than regular underwear.

The underwear range is currently available through Wireless Armour's website and items in the 180 range (with protective RadiaTex fabric only across the front half) cost 24 pounds (around 38 US dollars) and 35 pounds (around 55 US dollars) for the 360 range, which is entirely made out of RadiaTex fabric.