The Woolmark Company has teamed up with Chinese fashion brand Comme Moi to produce a five-piece Australian wool-themed capsule collection entitled "China Rouge." Comme Moi was launched by Lu Yan, one of China's first supermodels.

The collection will be presented on July 4 in Beijing as part of the Comme Moi fall/winter show at the Yintai Centre.

Comme Moi's partnership with Woolmark amplifies the growing presence and power of contemporary fashion designers. Whereas China was once viewed as the fashion factory capital of the world, now Chinese designers are starting to make their rise and get China seen as the next design capital.

Shanghai Fashion Week is growing, although it is far from rivaling other major Fashion Week's like New York or Paris, but the presence is there, and it gets Chinese designers the attention of media and buyers. At New York Fashion Week last February, there was an entire runway show dedicated to designers from Hong Kong titled Fashion Hong Kong. China's power in the fashion sphere is growing, and companies like Woolmark are another feather in the country's designer cap.





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