Xehar launches fashion collection with Laura Brioschi

Xehar has announced the launch of the new Laura by Xehar Fashion Collection. Xehar International #AconfidentYou Ambassador Program works with global influencers to reinforce the importance of positive self-image. The program's most recent mentor is Laura Brioschi, a famous curvy model from Europe.

"Our core is to support a positive body image, helping women feel confident in fashionable and affordable clothes that fit," said Hadari Oshri, founder and CEO of Xehar. "Laura is an inspiration to our curvy customers and is the quintessential confident woman."

According to Business Insider, there are more than one hundred million women in the US that are considered plus size. While marketing for plus-sized women and representation for them on the runways has long been infrequent and sporadic, it's slowly been changing. Model Ashley Graham has brought attention for plus-sizes to brands like Michael Kors, and designers like Christian Siriano and Prabal Gurung have been showcasing more body diversity on their runways to show they dress women of all sizes. Gurung also recently did a collaboration with Lane Bryant for plus-sized women.

For Brioschi, this opportunity really hits home for her.

"I became a Xehar Body Positive Mentor this year, after deciding to publicly share my battle with bulimia," she said. "Making my experiences public and working to create my own collection with Xehar will hopefully inspire others."

Plenty of influencer programs exist in retail, but Xehar's approach is different because they are also building mobile technologies to enhance the interaction with influencers. The Xehar App, will not only give customers access to low priced fashion bundles at a set price, but it will also give a special access to Xehar influencer fashion recommendations on demand.