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Yohji Yamamoto to design Hello Kitty line

By Kristopher Fraser



There could be a whole lot of pink coming your way soon. Much to the joy of those ladies who have never stopped being obsessed with Hello Kitty, and probably do more than their part to keep Sanrio afloat, Hello Kitty will be coming out with a new line of apparel. This won’t be any ordinary line of apparel, however. This collection will be designed by none other than Yohji Yamamoto.

The Japanese luxury designer who is also famous for doing collaborations with Adidas will be at the helm of this fabulous collection. Once Hello Kitty saw how people freaked out over the Frozen/Comme des Garcons collection they probably realized there was a market for people who enjoyed animated things and luxury fashion. With the way the fashion blogosphere erupted over the news of this collection it seems like they are poised to hit the nail on the head.

Yohji Yamamoto to bring high fashion to Hello Kitty

The new line designed by Yohji Yamamoto will be called Kitty’s (how fitting). The collection will include apparel sporting both Hello Kitty and My Melody characters. For those who are hoping to get their hands on the collection immediately that might require a plane ticket, because the first two brick-and-mortar stores will be opening in Japan. If you’re lucky a nice e-commerce channel will be carrying the line.

It will cost you as well, of course. With Yamamoto at the hell the brand could only be set at a mid to high price point. Prices will range anywhere from about 72 dollars to 330 dollars. While the collection is expected to be all cutesy and traditionally feminine, Yamamoto really isn’t usually one for that aesthetic, so, there could be a bit of deconstruction, monochrome black, and some futurism in the mix. The fashion world will wait with bated breath for Yamamoto to bring Kitty to the world.

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